3 ice-breaker activities to try with your employees

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If you feel like your workforce could do with loosening up and getting to know each other better, arranging an ice-breaker activity is the way to go. However, instead of settling for mundane and uninteresting tasks, why not go against the norm and try a different activity instead? To help you plan your next team building exercise, here are three examples you might want to consider.


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  1. Murder mystery dinner

You could bring your employees together over a murder mystery dinner. This type of activity is not only highly amusing for those involved but it’s guaranteed to get your staff members working together too. Over a perfectly planned meal, your workers will be immersed in a dramatic storyline to suss out ‘whodunnit’, seeing if they can figure out exactly who the ‘murderer’ is. If it’s organised by a professional company, a murder mystery dinner could be the perfect ice-breaker for your employees, especially if you have any quieter members of staff. As experts the Murder Mystery Collective point out on their blog, this type of activity can help bring out the playfulness in shy guests.

  1. Boot camp challenge

If you’re keen to really put your workforce through their paces, why not organise for them to take part in a boot camp challenge? Taking on the role of a ‘cadet’, your staff members will be put through their paces, both physically and mentally, with fun army style drills and command tasks, using their survival instincts to make sure the best team wins. Your workers will have to join together in order to solve problems and complete exercises, giving them the opportunity to improve their communication skills, as well as boosting morale. This military themed activity could be the ideal day out for you and your employees.

  1. Bubble football

For an ice-breaker like no other, you could book a game of bubble football. Wearing padded and inflatable sphere-shaped ‘bubbles’ over their top half, participants are required to run around a pitch kicking a ball, trying to score goals for their own teams. Fun and competitive, once the game begins, hilarity ensues. Due to the inflatable bubble they’ll be wearing, your employees can collide with one another without the fear of getting hurt. This activity is guaranteed to break down boundaries between your staff members, as well as being a memorable experience for everyone taking part.

Sometimes, thinking outside the box helps when it comes to organising corporate ice-breaker activities.

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