3 Ways to Tell if Accommodation is “Luxurious” When You Book it

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If you do a simple Google search for “luxurious” accommodations in Bristol, you’ll likely find a lot of listings that exaggerate just how luxurious they are. That “cozy, two-bedroom, apartment with retro flair” probably has 70’s shag carpet, furniture that hasn’t been updated in decades, and appliances that barely work. Worse, it may be in a less-than-safe neighborhood that doesn’t give you the lavish atmosphere you expect from a luxury experience.


When you look for luxury accommodation, you have to do a bit of vetting on your end to ensure that the living space matches the online description.


There are a few ways to do this, and we’ll give you some pointers in the sections below.


Staff Attitude and Professionalism


Almost everyone has stayed at a cheap hotel at least once while traveling abroad. What’s one thing that they all have in common? The desk clerk is typically trained to get their job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s their job to take your name, give you a room number, and go back to pecking away at their computer screen.


Not at a luxury accommodation. Luxury accommodation will have staff that is friendly, courteous, and above all else, professional.


Give any potential luxury accommodation a phone call before you place your online booking. Ask questions and see how the staff reacts. If they can’t even get an on-phone consultation right, you won’t have a very luxurious experience staying on their property.


Listing Format


Luxury accommodation is luxurious because the owner put effort into making it so. The first sign of this effort is in the listing or online website.


If you go to a hotel or Airbnb directory, you’ll see countless listings that are reduced to little more than checklists and basic blurbs from the owner. You don’t get a lot of information besides what services are included, the size of the accommodation, and whether or not you get free WiFi.


Luxury accommodation will go the extra mile with this online description. Instead of being greeted by boring checklists that don’t describe anything nuanced, you’ll get a well-designed web page that goes into great detail about the atmosphere you can expect, the type of furnishings, which luxurious services they offer, and how they plan to make your stay memorable.


Imagery is also an important part of this. Luxurious accommodation owners won’t be afraid to show off the tiny details of their property, and you’ll be provided with plenty of high-quality photos showing every aspect of the accommodation.




This ties in with our entry about online descriptions. Luxury accommodation will gladly be transparent with its potential visitors.


When you look at a luxury accommodation listing, you should get a full and accurate description of its location, all the most notable nearby attractions, and imagery that accurately reflects those descriptions.


Low-rent accommodations often showcase the few pros they have working in their favor while omitting anything that might prevent you from staying.


Vet Potential Accommodations Before You Stay


When you go to book luxury accommodation, don’t just find the most budget-friendly option or go with a major chain. Go through all your options and see if they stack up against this checklist.


You can also skip this step by going directly to Beech-House. We provide the finest luxury accommodations in England, and we’re more than happy to accommodate both short and long-term stays.

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