4 Essential Tips for Long Term Travelers

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Most of us would love to pack our things, board the next flight out and spend a few months – or even a year – seeing the world. From students taking a gap year before grad school to seasoned corporate high-flyers who decide to take a different direction in life, long term travelers always return from their journeys energized, with loads of great stories to tell. If you’re thinking of heading off for a few months, you’ll need some advice to make the most of your time away – here are four essential tips for long term travelers.

1. Make a Schedule – and Stick to it

Having a to-do list may seem like the last thing you need when you go out there to explore the world – after all, you’re trying to get away from the routine of daily life. Freewheeling for a few weeks may sound like fun (and it often is), but if you’re going to be away for more than a month, you’ll need a sense of routine to keep you motivated and help you get things done. Although you’re away from home, you still need to eat, do your laundry, communicate with people – both locally and back home – and plan your daily sightseeing schedule.

2. You Can Party Hard, But Not Every Day

There’s no doubt that long term travel brings out the party animal in most of us. With great weather, fewer daily duties, and affordable drinks, you’ll want to indulge – from time to time. The idea of having your first beer at lunchtime may seem appealing at first, but you’ll soon find that you don’t do much more than drink and recover from hangovers if you party hard every day. Besides, drinks cost money – and if you’re traveling for an extended period, you’ll need to stick to your budget.

3. Weigh Up Your Accommodation Options

Some long-term travelers pre-book their accommodation months in advance, while others wing it and stay in the nearest hostel they can find. If you’re planning on staying in one place for longer than two weeks, you may want to rent a condo instead and enjoy the benefits of privacy and staying outside of a hotel. Find the most comfortable accommodation you can within your budget, and don’t forget to check the online reviews before you book.

4. Share Your Travel Experiences with Your Circle Back Home

In today’s connected world, we want to know what our friends and family are doing 24/7 – especially if they happen to be lucky enough to travel for months at a time. You can post your travel experiences on Facebook and other social media sites, or start a travel blog to share your experiences with an ever-wider audience. You’ll be surprised just how many people care enough to follow your posts and share your experiences – and you’ll have plenty to tell them when you get home.

Long term travel can be an eye-opening, life changing experience. With the right preparation, good daily planning and a spirit of adventure, you’ll see things you never knew existed and gain new insights into life and the world. Travel safely, and enjoy every minute of your next long stay travel experience.

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