5 Hidden Gems of Turkey

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Turkey is now featuring among the top cities to visit in the world! And while there are many attractions in Turkey that already capture the world’s attention, the country still has so much to offer that is unexploited. We take time to explore some of the hidden gems that are found in Turkey. All you needed is to get a Turkey Visa and come with us to Turkey-you will love it!


Istanbul contains some of the outstanding historical sites: the Hagia Sophia Mosque, the TopKapi Palace, and the sunken palace. You definitely would have more than a plateful of exciting places and features to see. But we choose to take an adventurous path, 700km south of Istanbul to Catalhoyuk.


At the end of the journey you come to Catalhoyuk! This makes for the best exploit for lovers of ancient civilization. Catalhoyuk is one of the earliest towns to be known in the World. It is nearly 10,000 years old of well-preserved Neolithic culture. It shows just how humans transited from sedentary life, how they organized themselves and finally developed a culture-the origin of civilization in the Middle East. You can be sure to find some of the earliest known world’s murals. It is an ancient agricultural community with so much mystery and is yet to receive such massive attention as Istanbul.



I do need to ask whether you love to be on the beach, the life in the beach as well as excitement found therein is just a wonder. But Cirali is a beach you want to go to. It offers some of the most awesome and serene memories you could ever have. Anyone can be sure of finding some nice color on the beach, but not everyone has gone to the beach and witnessed green sea turtles lay their eggs! Cirali is full of beauty and offers you the chance to see the turtles, get a breath of immense beauty and be amazed with the beautiful sceneries from the mountains on either side of the beach. Kindly leave turtles alone-this beach is their home.


Are you desirous of just having a long run in the beach through the white sand beneath your feet? Patara is one of the longest and un-interrupted beaches you could ever find-it stretches 9km long. There are some seasons when the entrance part could be crowded but if you keep walking further down past the dunes, then you can have your solitary moments, and find time to reflect and meditate.



The Kaputas beach is found deep down a canyon, in the Kaputas Gorge. This 150m beach site is not a total stranger-the TV industry has filmed many movies at this sport. You will be treated to blonde and pebble sand that is set against clear and sparkling waters. Not so many tourist go to Kaputas, you are likely to find more locals-you will find a more Turkish feel.



Kabak is the best place to find solace and relaxation apart from the sprawling and busy resorts. It is a small village with pebble and sand beach. It enjoys some sort of fence on three sides by the presence of a flourishing pine forest. It offers a journey back to basics-huts and bungalows. The Olu Denzi lights at night make for one of the spectacular sites to behold in Kabak.



Other gems include; Capadocia, Ephesus and Sirince, Kas, Kalkan, Gulf of Fithiye, Gulf of Gocek, Bozburun Peninsula, Dalyan Delta and Gulet cruising among others.

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