5 Quick Pre-Travel Personal Health Checks

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When it comes to traveling, as much as possible, you’d like to get lucky and have a clean bill of health before it gets to your journey date. However, that isn’t always necessarily possible. Different little illnesses and aches and pains do happen, and there are things that you need to do to prepare for travel with them.


So five considerations to keep in mind would be to check in with yourself about any kind of ear pain (especially if you’re flying to your destination), any issues that required medication (again, you may have to pack them or check them depending on flight plans), any symptoms of flu, if you’re under any extra stress or having trouble with blood pressure, and especially for honeymooning couples, all of your birth control options.

Any Kind of Ear Pain

If you’re dealing with ear pain, that can be trouble when traveling, especially if you’re traveling by plane, or you’re traveling to somewhere with drastic changes in altitude. Even small amounts of inner ear pain can get exacerbated by changes in pressure, so be sure to have some way to handle that kind of swelling or irritation if it happens.

Issues That Require Medication

If you have any kind of medication that you’re going to take with you, be sure to look up travel restrictions for having them on-hand. Pill bottles need to be clearly labeled, prescription documentation needs to be readily available, and you need to understand how to pack everything so it doesn’t get looked at oddly or even get confiscated by the authorities in certain places. Knowledge is power when it comes to traveling with prescription medication.

Symptoms of Flu

If you are showing symptoms of the flu before heading out traveling, exercise caution and good judgment. You really don’t want to be spreading an illness around, especially on somewhere like a plane, train, or bus. So even though it may irritate you, rescheduling may be your best bet if you’re coming down with something.

Stress or Blood Pressure Issues

Yes, going on vacation is supposed to help get rid of stress, but in the planning process, it can do exactly the opposite and possibly really get your blood pressure geeked up. So if you want one of the easiest travel health tips there is, it’s simply just to take a minute to calm down every once in awhile during the planning stages.

Birth Control Checklist

For couples heading out on vacation, make sure that you’ve talked collectively about birth control. Making sure pills and other contraceptives are packed, especially if you’re going somewhere foreign and don’t know what kinds of things of that nature you can buy at your destination.

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