5 ways to entertain yourself in short-term accommodation

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City breaks and local getaways have seen an increase in popularity over the past few months as many looks to take advantage of cheaper and safer staycations instead of fancy holidays. One of the beneficiaries have been short-term accommodation providers.

A short getaway has some interesting benefits to mental and physical wellbeing, and many have opted for them as a way of recharging from the 9-5 grind. That being said, the situation around the global pandemic means many are looking for ways to entertain themselves on their trips, with few activities on offer. Here are 5 ways that you can spend your time if you find yourself in short term accommodation for a holiday.

  1. Take advantage of any luxury features and truly relax

One of the most sought-after features of short-term accommodation are luxury features like saunas and hot-tubs. Whilst you may have to pay a small premium for these, they can be a great way to unwind on your break. They are also a great way to unwind in a socially distanced way without having to visit a pool or spa.

  1. Take a walk by the beach or the countryside

The benefits of spending time in nature have been well documented and it can be a great way to recharge your batteries or spend time with friends outside of your short-term accommodation. Remember, if you want to take advantage of this, you should prioritize accommodation in rural areas.

  1. Disconnect from the internet and connect with who you are staying with

Many people are now looking for ways to disconnect from the constant communication of the internet age, and this could come in the form of an ‘off-grid’ stay in some short-term accommodation. Leave the smartphones, tablets and laptops at home and spend time reconnecting with whoever you are staying with. Additionally, solo breaks are also great ways to ‘unplug’ from the stresses of modern life.

  1. Catch up on the latest television series you have been putting off

For those amongst us with hectic schedules, finding time to catch up with the latest hit tv shows can be a challenge. One place you would most certainly find the time is a break in short-term accommodation. The added relaxation time is perfect for getting your teeth into a new series.

  1. Find the best local attractions that are still open

It is also worth noting that there are some great local attractions still open for those willing to venture out. The ‘eat out to help out’ drive could be a good way to save money on a mid-week break and outdoor activities like water sports and golf are good ways to spend time in short-stay accommodation in a safe manner.

There is still some summer left to book a fantastic break

Whilst it may be easy to let the summer pass by in the times of COVID-19 there is still over a month left of ‘relatively’ good weather. Now is a great time to find short-term accommodation to rest and relax, ready to re-enter the world of work energised and ready for the winter and new year.

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