5 Ways to Get Financing for a World Tour

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Have you ever dreamed of staying in exotic locales while dining on traditional foods? Hoping to be one of those people who “finds yourself” while overseas? You may be craving an extended traveling sabbatical. If you are thinking such a trip seems impractical, think again. There are many options for grown adults to take time away from work to reassess their priorities and desires in life. With proper planning and financing options, you may be able to leave the working world behind to explore lands unknown.

Online Financing

You may be surprised to know that there are many online websites where you can create a fund for yourself. Often, family members will be encouraging for you to take the time you need and are willing to help fund your trip. Create an online page that explains the details and dreams of your world tour and give the link to friends and family. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures to send back to these loved ones!



Remember the good old days when you got cash for birthdays and Christmas? If you make your traveling plans known to your gift givers, they are likely to be willing to give you cash instead of a gift. Explain that cash is necessary for your trip but you must cut-down on belongings due to that year-long storage cost.

Sell Your Stuff

With the advent of sites like Craigslist.org and Ebay.com, it has become increasingly possible to sell your belongings online for a good price. Some travelers choose to sell all of their belongings, including vehicles and home, before embarking on their world tour. This can be a great option for getting extra cash and offers freedom to those who may want to settle down in another country permanently.


Side Job

Extra income is the key to saving up your money. Everyone knows you should be living on 25% less that what you currently make, which will offer some savings, but if you can increase your income in that final year before your trip, you will have far more spending money. Side jobs could range from waiting tables in the evening, a few barista hours in the morning or working from home. You could easily turn a hobby, like crocheting or ceramics, into a lucrative second income in the final months before take-off.


Of course, saving your money is the very best way for funding your big trip. Keep in mind, that you are working towards something great and wonderful and it is worth it! The key is in making a set goal and sticking to it.

Author Stephanie Yoder managed to save a whopping $20,000 for her year-long world tour, with $10,000 of that being earned in only 8 months! You can save money by moving in with a relative, moving to a smaller apartment or taking on roommates. Cut down your entertainment expenses by doing fun things that cost less so you are not totally deprived of fun during your saving period.

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