6 Must Visit Places When You Are Holidaying in London

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London is the dream destination for the tourists around the world. It has beautifully preserved the old time charm while adding new age glory. The city is amalgamation of art, culture, food, and history. When you are on London tour, there would be no dearth of places to visit. Amongst plenty of tourist attractions present in London, many are popular across world. Whether it is Madame Tussauds Museum, Tower of London, or magnificent London Eye, there is uniqueness in every site.


Visiting this city of cultural heritage would take you through the vast heritage of royal palaces, cathedrals, and castles. Touring across London can be even more exciting when you do it through Hop-on Hop-off buses with roof top seats. These buses allow you to explore the beautiful weather of London while you watch the extra-ordinary architecture. These buses give you the complete view of the city. Apart from these buses, you can enjoy coach tours in London and also to reach London from different places in United Kingdom. These coaches are offered for group bookings, family touring, seniors, youngsters, and under various categories. For those planning a conference in London, a special coach can also be hired for local tourism. National Express, one of the trusted name in UK tourism also offers coaches for travelling in UK. You will find many online booking options for quick booking at the click of a button.

Having learnt about the convenient modes of transport for London tourism, take a look at the 6 must visit places of this city to have memorable experience.

  1. Tower Bridge

One of the most famous tourist attractions of London, this Tower Bridge is worth giving a closer look as well as the distant glance. The bridge is the treat for your eyes during any time of the day. The night time view of the illuminated bridge will build up the bright memories for the lifetime. The two halves of the bridge are lifted up to give way to the large size boats. Tourists around the word flock up to watch this site. There is glass walkway running across the bridge towers giving you the spectacular view of Thames.

  1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, built in 1837 says a lot about the royal legacy of the capital. The palace is the residence to Royal Family. Apart from view of the palace, a typical Buckingham Palace tour would include the afternoon tea and Changing of the Guard, which includes marching and music displayed by the guards.

  1. The Tower of London

Built in 1078, The Tower of London exhibits the remarkable collection running over centuries. There are crown jewels, armours, and royal armaments on display. Tourists usually spend hours exploring the history of London displayed over here. It was built by William the Conqueror.

  1. Big Ben

Big Ben is almost synonymous with London. The 97 meter high tower houses a giant clock that is one of the iconic monuments of this city. Big Ben is the name given to the resounding bell that is also the time signal used on BBC radio. Houses of Parliament are located below this iconic tower. This is the place from where Britain’s Government operates since centuries.

  1. The London Eye

Talking about London tourism and missing out The London Eye is not possible! Unlike other attractions mentioned above, The London Eye is quite a new structure. It was built in the year 2000 to celebrate the millennium year. The main attraction of this observation wheel is breath-taking city view available from the glass capsules. The 30 minute ride allows you to see the marvellous capital from all sides. The queue for the turn will be quite long as the tourists are always flocking to get the glimpse of the city from various angles. You can also check out for special Skip-the-Line ticket to jump the queue for quicker turn.

  1. Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds London will give you chance to click pictures with the word’s famous personalities. There are more than 300 wax figures crafted to perfection. Being one of its kind the museum has now reached out to many places by opening branches in many nations around the world. There are famous celebrity figures from all over the world.

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are international and domestic airports with substantial air traffic for better connectivity. The tourists from other parts of UK would have several other ways to reach this place. Daily coaches from different locations in UK are there. The tickets can be booked online for hassle free traveling. Even the entry tickets to most of the tourist attractions are available online. Make the bookings in time and also look out for quick access tickets if you want to see more in less time.

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