7 Fairy Tale Places to Visit in the UK

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If you are an avid traveler, visiting some of the most beautiful places in the United Kingdom should be in your bucket list. There are so many wonderful locations around this great country in Europe. If you are planning to have best of your next UK trip, consider visiting the following 7 fairy tale places:

The West Coast of Scotland

ScotlandThe west coast of Scotland is one of the most beautiful regions in the UK. The islands in the region boast of wonderful natural treasure along with some stunning castles and architectures. Some of the most renowned attractions to visit in this part of the UK include Dunvegan Castle, Armadale Castle Gardens, beautiful scenery of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, Duart Castle, Hebridean Islands, Paps of Jura, stunning beaches in Islay and Brodick Castle and country park. There are so many things to do in Scotland, you’ll fall in love and never want to leave.


tower-bridge-london-england_mainThe city of London is surely one of those places that you can’t exclude from the list of places to visit in the UK. If you ask what part of London makes it a fairy tale place, the answer will be the old section of this great city. Visiting the wonderful and fascinating old small towns in London can be an experience of lifetime.


Snowdonia is a stunning national park with reputation for its wonderful 360-degree views of coastal areas, valleys and mountains. In fact, it is the third largest national park in the United Kingdom. It is home to the highest mountain in Wales and England, Snowdon. It also boasts of the largest lake in Wales. The natural beauty of Snowdonia makes it one of the fairy tale places to visit in the UK.


Located in the westernmost part of the UK, Cornwall is a peninsula with mountainous area overlooking the ocean on its northern side. The golden sandy beaches in Cornwall make it a super location to unwind. As it is a charming and quaint, yet rugged and isolated place, there is lot to enjoy in here.

The Cotswolds

cotswolds_cnt_6nov09_istock_bIf you are interested to experience the best British villages, the Cotswolds is the place to go. There is no better place in the UK for short breaks than the Cotswolds that represent the quintessence of rural England. The wonderful atmosphere, low-ceiling rooms and gardens, glorious villages with stone slate roofs all make the Cotswolds one of the fairy tales places in the UK.

The Lake District

If you love nature and landscapes, the Lake District will surely impress you. Its wonderful lakes, small hills and mountains carved by glacial erosion provide it highly inspiring and dramatic sceneries. It is one of the best locations in UK for climbing and hiking vacations. Every year, more than 14 million tourists visit the Lake District to explore its natural treasure.


York is a city with rich heritage. You should find a great number of ancient attractions around this city. The York Minster is one of the must-visit attractions. It is a stunning cathedral filled with extraordinary artworks. It was also home to much of the filming for Harry Potter, making it a bonified fairy tale location.

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