8 emotions every traveler can relate

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Meeting new people, to be able to click that perfect picture, to try endless amount of delicacies, or maybe its something deeper that keeps you coming back for more. No matter what it is or where you go, there are myraid of emotions you run through each time you travel. In the words of Helen Keller, “The best things cannot be seen or touched, but has to be felt with heart”.

These words are so true and traveling explains it all. Here are some of the emotions that every traveler can relate to!

  1. Excitement

When you’re planning your trip and everything seems so perfect to you.

  1. Fear

When you are going to take the first dive of your life but you still go ahead with it because life lies beyond limits.

  1. Hope

When you hope for a 5-star service from a so-called 1-star hotel.

  1. Happiness

When you feel the world is pretty spectacular place and you’re in it.

  1. Regret

When you realize what you eating is not what you ordered because you did not understand the menu so you just ordered what the waiter suggested you to order.

  1. Serene:

When you get the first ever glimpse of the world from above the clouds or when you look at the sunset from a different angle.

  1. Uneasy:

When it’s a 9 hours flight and you just can’t sit anymore. Maybe, you could try playing bingo free bonus slots to ease yourself.

  1. Content:

When you crash on the bed after a long long day.

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