A nature lovers paradise truly found in Goa!

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A popular nominee amongst India’s travellers for an escape from reality, Goa, being India’s smallest state ironically happens to be a place filled with people from across the world. Being famous for its laid back lifestyle, kaleidoscopic view of the sun, sand and sea, and binge sipping on some of the coolest beer, Goa consists of tropical beaches spread for about 100 km! It has numerous beaches to suit everyone who comes here. This place is also a wonderful stop for nature lovers.

To begin with, you can visit the butterfly conservatory, Mystic Meadows Conservatory in Ponda. Get acquainted with some of the most beautiful butterfly species. You can learn all about their life cycle, mating rituals at the conservatory. And why just watch you can watch them enjoy delicious fruits that you can feed them.

Another crazy activity to indulge is playing with the elephants! As you walk through the Sahakar Spice Farms, you come across these friendly magnanimous creatures. You can sit on their back and have them shower you with water!

For all the crab lovers out there, Goa also offers you to go on crab hunting in the Goan backwaters. Now, it is no child’s play to go crab hunting and is an adventurous activity in its way.

A perfect way to end your evenings here is to go on a romantic cruise on the Mandovi River. The view with the Goan vibes is simply perfect. What fun would a trip be if not add a bit of eeriness to it? Welcome to the Devil’s Canyon. The stories whispered here say that long back a devil used to rein this place, controlling all the living creatures here, including the fish. Even till date when you step place into the environs here you sense a peculiar vibe. Moreover, the violent river that flows nearby is said to take lives of many swimmers. If spooky adventure is your thing, you must visit this offbeat place.  You can find some Goa tour packages for these interesting places.

With such an interesting place, the food offered here is no less. Goa contains some of the best shacks in the world. These shacks have an interesting ambience, some of them out looking to the sea. One can definitely count on indulging in some of the best food here, smacked up with the authentic Goan flavours, making it all the more scrumptious. These places also offer some great Goan Packages. These places ought to be visited while your stay.

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