A Sophisticated Step into Liverpool for the Day

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A Sophisticated Step into Liverpool for the DayIt’s my belief that you learn by travelling and on a recent visit with a friend who lives in Liverpool, I did advance my knowledge about the city and people who live there.  I found unique attractions, some exciting events to attend, unique music heritage, and famously cordial people who welcomed me with open arms into their lovely Liverpool.  The outstanding collection of heritage, people, and culture only whetted my appetite for more so a return trip is planned for early next year.  Let me share with you some of the treasures that I found in this ideal location where you can visit, explore, and gather knowledge about the world around us.

Culture Galore

Because I love to stroll through galleries and museums, Liverpool met and exceeded my expectations.  If you’re an art lover, you must visit Tate Liverpool where you can see work presented by Tracey Emin and Picasso to name only two.  The Walker Art Gallery features the work of Turner, Rembrandt, Hockney and Degas for you to enjoy.  One of my favourite museums is the Museum of Liverpool where you can learn about the history of the town, its people, and how the personality of Liverpool was shaped in days gone by.

Begin with a City Tour

One of the helpful tips that my friend suggested was that I take a city tour of Liverpool as soon as I arrived so that I could become familiar with some of the famous attractions around the area.  Then after this guided tour, she and I decided to set off on our own to revisit some of the destinations on the tour and discover some that she knew about from just living there.  I also took the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour since I enjoy their music so much and it’s an integral part of the history of Liverpool; if you’re a Beatles fan this is a must do for you.  Whether you take a specialty tour, a walking tour, or a large coach tour, you’ll be able to get a feel for the personality of the area and enjoy your stay much more.

The Albert Dock Experience

One of the most enjoyable day trips that we took during my visit to Liverpool was over to Albert Dock which is an attraction that appeals to locals and tourists alike.  We found a quaint little café for drinks and a snack, went to view the Merseyside Maritime Museum, and to the Albert Dock Walk tour which helped me understand the legacy of this old formerly working dock facility.

From my retail therapy at Liverpool ONE to the quite conversations in some of the most interesting pubs around town, my visit to Liverpool was more enjoyable than I ever imagined that it could be.  My ride on the ferry across the Mersey brought back the lyrics of a song out of the past that helped to make Liverpool a global player in the music industry.  My advice:  take your time, enjoy the food and entertainment, and explore to your heart’s content in legendary Liverpool.

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