Al Fresco Themed Getaway Entertainment

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If you work in a big city and you’re cooped up in an office or confined to small cubicle all day, your next getaway should take full advantage of some great outdoor spaces if you want to completely “wash away” your office blues. The Al Fresco-themed holiday can do you a world of wonders and if it somehow manages to get a bit too much for you, it’ll at the very least give you a brand new appreciation for the ability you have to open and shut your doors – something we do tend to take for granted.


Topless Bars & Restaurants

No, I’m not referring to an adult club type of setting where you have shirtless hunky studs and topless bar-girls serving you expensive drinks and hastily cooked meals all night. What I’m referring to rather is the type of bar or restaurant with an open roof or rooftop, allowing guests to enjoy their drinks or food with a full view of the sky. These types of establishments are quite common along popular tropical beaches all over the world, while others only really reveal themselves to be “topless” during the summer months. Night time wining and/or dining is a particular memorable al fresco experience of note when the stars are out in full force.

Beach Party

If there are competitions such as the Maxinutrition 30 day physique transformation challenge offering a VIP Ibiza beach party experience as the prize for getting in shape, then it must say a lot about partying it up al fresco style. It’s one of the most liberating ways to spend your time away on holiday, giving you a form of freedom to perhaps look forward to regularly between the days you spend working hard at the office.

On the other end of the spectrum, a nice secluded spot located perhaps on a private-access beach makes for a great alternative to partying it up into the night, if it’s tranquillity and seclusion you’re more inclined to.


There’s something about barbeques, especially in conjunction with fully dining al fresco, which evokes a sense of freedom that’s very hard to recreate in any other way. It’s perhaps a symbolic representation of a connection we still carry with our hunter-gathering ancestors, but it works very well either way. Whether you’re renting out a self-catering type of holiday accommodation or if you make your way to the picnic area of a park or other outdoor space, build a fire and enjoy a nice barbie for some solid outdoor fun and relaxation.

Sleeping Under the Stars

For some reason this is particularly popular with German and Dutch tourists, but yeah, sleeping under the stars is perhaps the absolute ultimate way of enjoying some al fresco holiday fun. How much more liberated can you get than sleeping outside? There are however only a few places in the world where this can be done comfortably, one of which is rather surprisingly in hammock above the flooded Amazon river in Brazil, while the other is in that part of the Kalahari desert bordering South Africa and Namibia.

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