How To Get the Perfect Summer Tan With CoolTan Tan-Through Swimwear

We all know that one of the biggest benefits from taking a vacation is coming back home with an amazing tan. We all want that bronzed, natural glow,  but getting a tan can actually be quite difficult! Between sticky and streaky tanning lotions and sprays and unsightly awkward tan lines, it can seem downright impossible to get the perfect tan natur … [Read more...]

5 notable cities promoting paper bags through banning and taxing plastic ones

When it comes to reducing the plastics in our oceans and the wider eco-systems, a holistic approach is needed with people around the world needing to do their part. This is particularly true in cities where high human activity often leads to increased pollution. Here are 5 cities from around the world who have made huge strides towards sustainabili … [Read more...]