5 Best Places to Take a Road Trip

North America offers a long list of spectacular drives. In fact, in the U.S. alone there are over 4 million miles of roadways to travel.

Famous Park in London

The Most Famous Park in London

If you are looking for the most famous park in London then you will have to look no further than Hyde Park. The area surrounding

Music Festivals in London

Music Festivals in London

Every year, music festivals in London are a big hit. These music festivals are celebrated in different parts of England, although they all center around

Amazing Bars in London

Amazing Bars in London

It might be a surprise, then, to learn that some of the most amazing bars in London also serve cold drinks. Cocktail hour is a

5 Tips to Boost Your Energy

Conserving energy is a great way to help the environment and save a lot of money at home too (from electricity and utility bill savings).

The Liverpool Cathedral

The History of Liverpool Cathedral

The Liverpool Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the world, housing over two million candles. It was built in the eleventh century and has been

Culture and Etiquette in Indonesia

Culture and Etiquette in Indonesia

Indonesia is a wonderful, diverse country that offers a wide variety of travel experiences. One of the many ways to see this wonderful country is

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