Bristol Airport May Soon See More Car Parking Capacity

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Airport Parking, an online company in the United Kingdom that helps people find airport parking, has revealed that Bristol Airport may soon increase its capacity of car parking places. This comes as welcome news, after numerous complaints had been received from holiday makers and other travelers alike who were unable to find car parking spaces.


Bristol Airport is a reasonably small airport compared to many UK airports. While it is experiencing significant growth in terms of numbers of passengers traveling through it (846,750 in August 2016 alone, up by 9.19%), and in terms of aircraft movements (7,373 in August 2016 alone, up by 7.51%), it remains classified as a smaller airport. The result of this is that it also has limited airport parking capacity, much to the chagrin of travelers., a UK-based online company that helps travelers find airport car parking places that are properly licensed and registered, as well as affordable, has revealed, however, that Bristol Airport has now had the go-ahead to increase its parking capacity. In fact, some 3,650 new spaces will be added. This has been agreed by North Somerset Council and work is set to commence very soon.

A representative from Airport Parking says: “We’re very excited that more parking facilities will be available at Bristol Airport. It is a rapidly growing airport and there simply isn’t enough capacity to meet with demand. Once supply increases, the airport will also have the opportunity to service more travelers. This has a knock-on effect in terms of the economy, with more travelers meaning more business requirements, meaning more money, and so on. Plus, let’s face it, increased convenience is always a positive development as well.”

It is proposed that the Silver Zone car parking area will be extended. A 7.8 hectare plot of land, currently to the west of the Silver Zone, will be fully developed and turned into car parking. North Somerset Council had granted permission for the proposed development in 2011. However, work was delayed due to rethinking how the car park would best be designed. On September 14, 2016, North Somerset Council agreed to the new re-phasing work that the airport had submitted. In it, they propose that the Silver Zone car park will be extended. This would create a further 3,650 long stay car parking spaces, precisely what there is too little off. Because of the limited space, a five tier multi story car park will be created, which will be able to hold 1,878 of the 3,650 vehicles.

The Airport Parking representative added: “We’re really very excited about this. Because the car park will be part of the airport itself, we already know that we will be able to add their system to ours and direct people in that direction if they require parking. What we don’t yet know, however, is when the development will be completed, how much disruption it will cause to the existing car parking facility and, perhaps most importantly, how much parking will cost. However, we expect Bristol Airport will keep people up to date about this.”

At present, parking in the Silver Zone costs £73 for five days. However, those who book earlier and pre-book their parking can expect to pay £31.99, a saving of over 50%. While parking at Bristol Airport is not cheap, it is far more affordable than at most other airports, which also reflects the fact that it is a smaller facility. The current prices are £40 for two days, £49 for three days, and £58 for four days.

The airport also offers short stay car parking facilities, as well as rapid pick up and drop off facilities. At the airport, people can wait for 20 minutes just £1, around half the price at most other airports. They also offer special assistance parking for people who require it.

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