Casino and Gambling Secrets to Increase Your Winning Chances

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For many of us, gambling and the overall casino experience makes up a big part of our considerations for a good night out, with some family-friendly casino venues making it the ideal stress-free outing for the whole family. While the activity of gambling itself remains a contentious issue in many states and in various parts of the world, the thrill of a slight chance of walking away with some handsome winnings is perhaps the biggest draw of the tables, slots machines and other games which make up part of the casino experience. Responsible gambling is the order of the day and as those casino ads which manage to make their way to our television screens so famously reiterate, “winners do indeed know when to stop.”


You should always be responsible with the money you set aside for gambling and that’s exactly where the responsibility lies; setting a budget and then sticking to it, whether you win or lose. A night out at the casino should be viewed as harmless fun, with the slight possibility of the money you spend resulting in some winnings. No matter how “lucky” you feel or anything along those lines, you should never walk through any casino’s doors with the sole purpose of walking away with some sizeable winnings, quite simply because you’ll be disappointed 99.98% of the time. Moreover, the thrill of the spin could very easily serve as the potent fuel to the addictive traits we actually all have in us, in some way or another. That said however, since winning won’t hurt at all, there are some casino and gambling secrets you can take with a pinch of salt and possibly increase your chances of winning, however slim they remain, regardless.

Hit the Casinos very Early and Very Late

Casino are rigged; yes, you read right — everything is not left purely to chance as they’d have you believe, but this “rigging” is perfectly legal, above-board and is in actual fact a result of gambling regulations. Casino operators have to make sure that only a certain percentage of the money spent on gambling is “returned” to gamblers, so it’s left to the discretion of these operators as to how they “return” that money. If you hit the casino right before peak hours and again very late (or into the early hours of the morning), you have a better chance of winning, simply because of numbers and percentages; less people playing gives you a bigger chance of being a lucky “beneficiary” of the amount of money casinos have to return in the form of winnings.

Choose Slots Machines Located near the Main Entrances

This secret is in many ways a continuation of the compulsory takings-return regulation imposed on casinos. Since casino operators do indeed choose how (and when) to return some takings in the form of winnings, one of the ways through which they have authority to do this is by determining which slots machines to facilitate these winnings through. This is perhaps the part that’s left to chance, but they naturally want to entice would-be gamblers who are still deciding whether or not to take a chance, so naturally the highest-paying slots would be located near the casino floor’s main entrances.

Play Online

Playing online puts you in line to some bonuses and extra changes to respectively play longer with and increase your chances of winning. You might have to resign to a waiting period to receive the earnings you check out for bingo online winnings and other online game winnings, but it ultimately works out in your favour, all-things considered. For instance there was no money spent on fuel and you could experience the closest thing to a great night out in the casino without having to leave the comfort of your home, enjoying an equal or even greater chance of winning.

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