Common Sense Tips For Taking Care of Your Vehicle For Spring Break

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Can you feel it? That’s the warm spring breeze blowing on your face. Can you smell it? The scent of the gentle spring rain is in the air. Can you see it? Your Spring Break destination is just waiting for you to get there.

Millions of people are simply waiting for that magical week in March where they get to abandon all responsibility for awhile and lean to a lifestyle of rest and relaxation. While some will fly to get to where they are going, the mass majority will drive. Also make sure you have your auto insurance cover before setting off!

It is for the Spring Break road warriors that we put this small common sense checklist together for. Below are some responsibilities you might not want to take a break from just yet.

Check the Gas

This is probably the first thing on most people’s checklist, but you may not know all the reasons why it should be there. First and foremost, you want to make sure that you have enough gas to get to your destination.

Breaking down on the side of the road because you ran out of gas is not a quality that would attract the average Joe to traveling. Second, you want to make sure that all you put in your gas tank is gas. Foreign entities can make their way in at times and make for a very time consuming and expensive day.

Having something like sand or sugar poured down your tank could clog your fuel filter. Something as simple as water in your gas could easily corrode your tank and engine. Talk about an expensive trip!   

Keep Things Well Oiled

Next, you’re going to want to check that oil. Check to make sure that you have enough oil and make sure that you’re not in need of an oil change. You can tell this by examining the color of the oil when you pull the dipstick out. You want to see a honey color. If it’s black, take it back and change it out for cleaner stuff.

Your oil is what keeps the parts in your engine lubed and moving smoothly. Without it the friction parts create by rubbing against one another will eventually lock it up and like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, you’ll be going nowhere for a while.

Tired Tires

Have you ever had to walk a long distance or spend a great amount of time in shoes that were in disrepair? It’s not fun and almost always slows you down and keeps you from enjoying the more active parts of life. If the tires on your car fall into the same disrepair, Spring Break may have to rmain a really good dream. Take the time to make sure the tread on your tires is sufficient for the trip.

You don’t want a smooth tread or to see any bulges or wires popping out of the tire. These are signs that a blow out is imminent. Not only could that be very inconvenient but dangerous, as well. Especially at the higher speeds maintained on the interstate. Check the air pressure, too. Too much air could make your tread wear unevenly. Too little might give you a little better traction, but it will also lower your gas mileage.

Spring Break or any long trip that awaits you carries the opportunity to relax and recharge. Don’t let a lack of common sense maintenance ruin your chance to gain a new motivation for conquering life.

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