Courmayeur, Italy: A Chilling Adventure For The Whole Family

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Why travel to Italy, you ask?  Why not?  Who wouldn’t want to visit a land so lavish with culture and so full of opportunities to learn and explore?  Courmayeur, in particular, is one destination you don’t want to overlook.  No matter what time of year you choose to visit, there’s always something to get into.  Here are just a few suggestions to keep you and your family entertained while visiting Courmayeur.

Hike to Lake Combal


The area offers a fantastic one and a half mile hike that is perfect for a light hike.  It’s not uncommon for families to take their tiny ones along with them on this excursion.  The exercise is not the only benefit offered.  Lake Combal is breathtaking.  The small body of water surrounded by snow capped peaks is a once in a lifetime view.

Fun Park Dolonne

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Fun Park Dolonne is another great outing to include the whole family.  Also known as the “Baby Snow Park”, Fun Park Dolonne is an ideal place for your younger children to go wild.  The park offers several moving walkways for transport, a plethora of bouncy castles, and trampolines.  All of this set with a backdrop of beautiful mountain tops and snowy slopes.

Guided Walk of Mont Blanc


A tour of Mont Blanc has been considered by enthusiasts as one of the most amazing walks the world has to offer.  The trail is littered with the best of the best when considering Alpine scenery.  The lush valleys and gigantic glaciers will leave you standing in awe.  On top of the natural beauty provided by Mother Earth, you can immerse yourself in the culture of the mountain while staying overnight in one of the mountain refuges or village gites.



If you’ve never had the pleasure of the pure freedom and fear of paragliding, then you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the experience any longer.  Courmayeur offers plenty of opportunities to learn the art of paragliding alongside a well trained guide.  You don’t need a license to paraglide either, because you will be flying in tandem with your trainer.  This is a great place to try out your wings for the first time.  The scenery is unbeatable, and the clean chilled air will fill your lungs with nourishment and joy.  There is no fearful feeling that you are falling, only a gentle feeling of being lifted.  Almost anyone can participate in tandem paragliding.  As long as you are over the age of four and with more than twenty kg, then you’re in the clear to soar.  Just make sure you dress as warm as possible in the proper attire to protect your skin from windburn.

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