Easy Ways to Remember Your Epic Trip to London

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You may not need to carry a big, professional quality camera around on your trip to London to take high-quality photographs, but you are going to need other tools to capture your memories. Smartphones now offer users built-in cameras with amazing picture quality, and you can capture amazing photos on cloudy days as easily as you could in sunny weather. The only problem arises when you want to show off your adventures.

During your trip to London you should check out the most influential restaurants to snap some pictures for your Instagram and see how yours compare to others. Printing out your pictures works fine if you are going to be showing them to friends in person. On the other hand, you could make a photo collage that highlights moments from every day of your London vacation. Send your collages via email, post them on your personal website or have them framed and hung up on your walls so that you can reminisce about all the fun times you had during your London travels.

Selecting the Best Images for Your Collage

Not every picture that you choose for your collage has to include you looking giddy. In fact, the images that you select should be reminders of the adventures that you participated in. You could include photos of the hotel that you stayed in or snaps of your favourite little gift shop that you visited daily. Images of the locals, any pictures that you took on your flight, and even photos you took while out at the clubs will help you to remember all of the best moments from your trip.

Editing, Cutting and Splicing Images Together

Some collages are made up of literally hundreds of tiny images all melded together. These collages tend to be colourful and intricate, causing viewers to want to get up close and really study them. There are also impact collages that have larger scaled images or pictures in various sizes. You can put your very favourite photo right in the centre and use slightly smaller pictures to help tell the story of your vacation. From the photos that you have taken, you will want to edit them and cut them down in size to make the best use of available space. Consider cutting out the foreground so that the focus can be on the action in each picture to make a photo collage that pops.

Utilising Filters and Special Effects

What would a photo collage be without borders, designs, filters and special effects? To personalise your vacation photos, you should make sure that there is a theme that pulls them all together.  You might want to include a few postcards that feature famous London landmarks or even utilise text to make it apparent where your trip took place. There are also filters that will overlay colours and images over your collage so that it comes out looking great.

Making a photo collage will give you a way to make your memories permanent, and it will also be a fun task for you to execute. While you get ready to go back to work and unpack your suitcases, you can take a break and begin to assemble your collage. Make one or two, or even a dozen, photo collages so that every part of your trip can be revisited at your leisure.

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