Five of the Best Museums in London

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London. The iconic capital of England, a country rich with ancient heritage, architectural ruins and beautiful landscapes. London, a city well-known for its breathtaking landmarks and carefully curated museums. If you are thinking of buying a flight from Hong Kong to London and you are up for a history lesson or two while in the capital, below is a list of five museums in London that will turn your visit to London into a cultural experience, one to never be forgotten.

1 British Museum

The British Museum proudly bears the title of the first national public museum of the world. The museum was completed in 1852 and its architecture is inspired by Greek temple columns, triangular pediment and gigantic steps. It houses an impressive collection of eight million historical artefacts and has departments dedicated to geographical areas such as Egypt and Sudan, Greece and Rome, and the Middle East. The museum’s world-class team have worked tirelessly over the course of many years to put together exhibitions that bring the best of the world’s cultural history under one roof. For the keen learner, the British Museum also provides lectures delivered by world experts and guided tours.

There are no fees to enter the museum and it is open daily from 10.00am – 5:30pm with a late closing time of 8.30pm on Fridays. Please note that opening and closing times may vary on public and bank holidays. Also note that events and special exhibitions may have a price attached, so please check the museum’s official website in advance for further details.

2 Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Would you like to stand on the world’s Prime Meridian, discover the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or even explore space at London’s planetarium? Then Royal Observatory, Greenwich is the place for you. The observatory was completed in the summer of 1676 and is home to many scientific instruments that changed the world. The famous Harrison clocks and the Dolphin Sundial are among the many historical artefacts that are carefully preserved at this site in Greenwich.

Adult admission fees to the observatory start from £14.40 and the entrance fee for children starts from £7.20. From September to July each year, the observatory is open daily from 10.00am – 5.00pm with a last admission time of 4.30pm. From July to August, the observatory is open daily from 10.00am – 6.00pm with a last admission time of 5.30pm. Royal Observatory, Greenwich is also open on bank holidays but closes between 24-26 December each year.

3 National Maritime Museum

On exiting the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, if you take a 10-minute walk in the right direction, you will arrive at the entrance to the National Maritime Museum. This museum is dedicated to the exploration, adventure and the history of Britain at sea. Its four galleries display exquisite maritime artwork, manuscripts, ship models and plans, and the scientific and navigational instruments that navigators and adventurers used in time past. If you are curious about the British Navy and British oceanography, this is the place for you.

There is no admission fee and this museum is open daily 10.00am to 5.00pm. Opening and closing times may vary on public and bank holidays, so please check the museum’s official website in advance for further details.

4 Victoria & Albert Museum

At the heart of the quaint South Kensington, lies the Victoria & Albert Museum, widely known as the V&A. This building is the world’s leading museum of art and design and houses a permanent collection of over two million historical objects and artefacts that span a period of time as long as five thousand years. The museum’s exhibitions illustrate the beauty and innovation of human creativity and holds many of the UK’s national collections in design and fashion. If you are a design enthusiast, the V&A will be a pleasure to visit if you happen to tour the London borough of Kensington.

Admission to the V&A is free, however, there may be charges for some of the special exhibitions and events.The museum is open daily from 9.00am – 5.30pm. Opening and closing times may vary on public and bank holidays, so please check the museum’s official website in advance for further details.

5 Design Museum

In the same beautiful borough of Kensington, along High Street Kensington, right next to Holland Park, you’ll find London’s Design Museum. It is the world’s leading design museum and proudly holds the European Museum of the Year 2018 award. It is an institution where innovators, inventors and artists in the design industry can collaborate to change people’s perception about themselves and the future. The Design Museum’s collection spans a time period that dates back to 1968 and is still growing during this present era.

The museum is free to enter, tickets can be bought for the temporary exhibitions, talks, courses and workshops that the museum regularly puts on for the benefit of the public. The Design Museum is open every day (excluding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day) from 10.00-6.00pm with last entry 17.00.

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