Five Tips to Help Driving Long Distances Become More Enjoyable

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I love travelling, but travelling and driving is something that I hate and love at the same time.  The problem with driving is that its just so boring, there nothing to do other than watch the road, the countryside disappear around you.  Actually, this is the bit that I really enjoy.  I love picking up my Sat Nav unit, and heading out to a city that I’ve never been to and finding out what it’s really like.

The most important thing I can tell you to help your driving, it to take lots of breaks and get a good night sleep the night before. It just helps with your fatigue if you are fully refreshed and ready to go from a goods night sleep.  Once you’re on the go, make sure you take a break every hour to stretch your legs.  If you start to feel really tired, stop and drink a cup of caffeinated coffee and have a 15 minute sleep in your car before you carry on driving. Below are five tips that will make driving much more enjoyable.

Car Condition

There is nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road, in the rain, with a car that has broken down because you have not looked after it correctly. If you want to avoid your car breaking down, you need to service it regular, and make sure you check the major things before you set off.  This means checking the oil, water and fuel levels, and making sure your tyres are at the correct pressure and there are no major problems with your car. 

Emergency Kit

There are ten tools that you need to keep in your car at all times if you want to avoid getting stuck and an emergency kit is probably the most important.  This means keep a small box, it doesn’t have to large, with a few items that you could need on your travels. The key advantage of having an emergency kit in your car, is that it saves having to call out help for a really small thing.  As an example, if you battery has gone flat, its not very difficult to jump start a car with another battery if you have battery leads, but if not, you have got a long weight for a tow truck to come and sort out your car for something very small.

Route Planning

Its especially important that you plan your route beforehand.  This does not just mean planning a destination point and entering it into your Sat Nav, but actually putting some thought into which roads you want to take, and which you don’t.  Motorways are very good at getting you places, but they are very boring to drive along. Its much more interesting to try and drive through towns across the countryside using A and B roads.  This way you can actually see what the countryside has to offer.


Together with planning a route, you need to make sure you have things to do or to see along your route.  Most the top of range sat nav models come with extensive points of interest databases meaning there is really no excuse not find things along your route.  If you buy a top of the range TomTom, it will comes with My Drive which is a great online website that allows you to pre-plan your route on your Ipad or computer and they upload it to your GPS unit.


Making driving trips enjoyable is about remembering the basics, and building upon it.  Its about remembering the fact that you have time on your hands and time to do things.  Maybe you forget the roads altogether and use websites such as and to help you find a route and does not use roads at all.

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