Have You Ever Had Your Visa Application Denied?

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If you’ve ever had your visa denied then chances are it was as a result of some or other technicality, because the mere fact that you applied for one means something within you quite rightly believes that you should in fact be awarded one. I’ve put together some useful tips to try and avoid getting denied in the first place, after which inevitability there are some steps you can take should that be the case.

Supply all required documents

Believe it or not, but most people’s visas get denied not because they don’t actually qualify to be granted one, but rather because they don’t follow proper procedure in applying for one. Simply ensure to supply all required documents and pretty much your whole job is complete. Whatever is indicated as a requirement should not be taken lightly, even if it may seem insignificant and unnecessary on your end.

Give the consul a voice call

Okay, so sometimes the stuff they ask for is a bit ridiculous and makes for a downright waste of time, in which case it will do you a world of good to actually pick up the phone and give the consul a call. I swear – that can mean the difference between believing you need to have a full criminal background check done and learning that all they actually require is proof that you can support yourself financially while visiting wherever it is you want to go!

Think ahead and supply extra supporting material

That said however, sometimes it also helps to think ahead and go the extra mile to make sure things are tipped in your favour. For example, I always like to include a copy of all the stamps which filled up my previous passport as  means through which to show the consul that I’m a seasoned traveller whose granting of a visa should really just be a mere formality. Don’t overdo it though because that can very easily raise some suspicions.

Consult an immigration lawyer

While some of the regular advice could further go on to cover steps to take like launching an appeal, no doubt with the associated costs, sometimes getting your visa is a crucial matter. For example, if most of your family is in a specific country and you need to approach the relocation or extended stay issue from more of an immigration point of view, legal professionals like Joshua L Goldstein who specialise in this field are your best bet.

However, immigration law specialists don’t only need to be consulted if your denied visa application is squarely in line with immigration issues. They can offer you some insights which can go a long way in making sure you get a regular visa, like a visitor (tourist) visa if that is indeed what you’re planning to visit that particular country for. Also, it helps to enlist the services of a local legal professional since they’re in the best position to apply the law in a manner which will favour your case as a result of their specialised local knowledge.

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