Residential Area of Shepherds Bush in London, UK

How is it Like to be a Resident of Shepherds Bush

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The town of Shepherds Bush in west London, England is a vibrant hub of action. For residents, it offers a lot of opportunities to live. Located just five miles from central London, Shepherds Bush offers everything from traditional rural living to bustling modern urban life. There are also many things for kids to do in Shepherds Bush as well as in London. Here’s a look at some of Shepherds Bush’s main shops, restaurants, places to visit, parks, and other attractions.

Located on the boundary of Sheppey and West Lothian, Shepherds Bush offers some of the best London has to offer, including beautiful Victorian style houses and elegant apartment dwellings. Many of the older residential area sits west of Uxbridge Road and golden brown round the corner on Askew Road. Its central area features a wide attractive prospect, and there are also many schools in the Shepherds Bush residential area.

One of Shepherds Bush’s most attractive prospects is its large and lively middle class. The area is surrounded by trendy boutiques and trendy apartments, and there are also some centrally located top class restaurants and bars. The neighbourhood boasts of a variety of retail outlets including a big shopping centre, a large supermarket and a series of excellent second hand shops. In addition to all this, there are also several public recreational facilities including a community centre, a children’s playground, an oval sports club, and an outdoor swimming pool.

West Lothian town is home to one of UK’s most well known shopping centres. BHS, as it is known, is a giant retail centre with a massive retail space dedicated solely to food. The building is designed in a traditional Georgian style and has three stories. On the first floor is the main store, which also features a second level of restaurants and a cinema. The second and third floors contain a variety of retail shops, as well as, a cinema and a second bar.

The second largest centre in Shepherds Bush is the second shopping mall. This huge centre, known as Shepherd’s Bush Central is designed in a more traditional town centre style and is a complete block with retail stores, restaurants and an arcade. It is situated on a large site adjacent to West Lothian town centre and is directly opposite to the famous BHS shopping mall. It is a huge place that will not take much walking time from anywhere in Shepherds bush.

Living in Shepherds Bush isn’t all about shopping though, there are plenty of other things to do and see in this wonderful town. There are a number of different ethnic minority groups living here, including Pakistani, Iranian and Moroccan. If you are interested in a bit of culture, there are a number of independent shops that have a variety of interesting ethnic cuisine, as well as local produce and great fresh produce. Living in Shepherds Bush doesn’t limit you to just shopping, there are a wide range of other activities to be involved in.

Living in Shepherds Bush gives you access to the west London area as well as being very close to several of London’s best universities. As well as the universities, there are a large number of museums and art galleries. A few minutes drive from your Shepherds bush home, you can take in the west London attraction St Paul’s Cathedral. This wonderful church is one of the largest in west London and is home to one of the best performing arts organisations in the world. It also has a vast garden to sit and relax in, full with beautiful flowers and beautiful trees.

Living in Shepherds Bush means that you don’t have far to travel in and out of London. You can get into central London easily by using the tube. You can get to the centre of London in just under an hour and a half. To get into the West End of London a little further you can hire a minicab or taxi and take it in yourself. For those that would prefer not to travel by tube, a walk from anywhere in west London to Shepherds Bush will get you right where you want to be. All in all, if you like bustling city life and can tolerate the small town atmosphere that comes with it, then you should definitely move to Shepherds Bush and take advantage of its great outdoor space and all the benefits that it offers.

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