How not to ruin your health during a holiday?

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Of course holidays are for relaxation and slowing down but in most cases they get us out of our fitness tracks. Because during the holidays most of us tend to overindulge and ruin what we have already achieved. A vacation can not only make us gain one or two kilos but also make us really sick. Here are a few tips that are helpful when trying to stay fit and healthy during a holiday:

Squeeze in a little exercise

Little activity here and there will save your waistline from all the delicacies you are going to try during your holiday. Stretching exercises are really essential after long flights for example. Search in advance what physical activities you can do at your destination. While sightseeing is a workout in itself, take  part in other activities that you may enjoy – mountain hiking, cycling, swimming, horse riding, water sports, sport fishing, canoeing, etc. – the choice is yours.

Add water

We all know water is essential. But while going around different spots and making photos we can easily forget to drink enough liquids. Remember to always carry a bottle with you, especially when travelling in hot weather. It will be a considerable achievement, if you just try drinking more water during your travel.

Choose the healthy options in the country’s cuisine

You can eat healthy everywhere if you want. Go to the local farmer market and you can get the opportunity to taste exotic vegetables and fruits that you have never tried before. Furthermore, farmer marketplaces in each country gives a traveler a closer look on the country’s food  traditions and culture. The food there is always fresh and there are countless healthy options. Also don’t forget to keep your alcohol intake light.

Skip fried specialties, chips and sauces, whose ingredients you don’t know. Opt for grilled or baked dishes instead.  And as you are on a vacation after all, you may really want to indulge in sweet things, so try to have just one food that contain sugar per day. Choose the low-calorie options in the restaurants and eateries you go. Note that every restaurant offers salads and roasted chicken meat and you can never go wrong with that combo.

Make your own meals

By preparing your food when you go somewhere you will not only save your budget and prevent you from skipping meals, but also save yourself some unhealthy calories when you are out all day. Bringing your own meals will save you time since you don’t have to wait in a queue to be served.

It’s a good thing, if you eat before going to the airport, since there you are less likely to find some healthy food options.

Fight the jet lag 

Jet lag messes with our circadian rhythm and leave us extremely fatigued and grumpy, less able to concentrate and memorize. Generally, the effects of jet lag vary from person to person as they depend on age, health condition, level of stress. One of the effective ways to deal with jet lag is to sleep on the plane. Experts advice that we should adapt to the time zone of our destination beforehand. Gradual adjustment is key here. It’s a good idea to change your sleep-wakefulness routine a couple of days before the flight, which will help you better adjust to the new time zone. If it’s possible, don’t  go on a night flight, choose to arrive at daylight. Get enough sleep before a long flight and forget about the sleeping pills.

Avoid coffee or any other drinks containing caffeine. Also stay away from alcoholic drinks since they will dehydrate you further and increase the feeling of tiredness.


With all the travelling and unpacking and waking early to rush sightseeing, our holiday may become overwhelming and at the end of it we are likely to feel more exhausted rather than recharged. What a better way to indulge your body and calm your mind than getting a pampering whole body massage or therapy.

There are natural full body therapies that not only make your skin beautiful but also make you less vulnerable to diseases. You can get such therapies in Ayurveda Bansko clinic. There work qualified and experienced Indian doctors that apply Ayurveda medicine therapies. This ancient Indian medicine offers you such therapies which relax the mind and the body, rejuvenate and clean the organism from the toxins. The different procedures and massages of this medicine also relieve the symptoms of a great number of diseases.

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