How to Make a Disney Vacation Fun For the 20th Time

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Disneyland and Disney World are great places to take a fun vacation at any age. Whether you’re going for your first time as an adult, taking your children, spending time there with friends, or having an extended vacation at the parks, each new visit can offer fun and fancy that you haven’t experienced before—even if you’ve gone three times a year since you were a kid. To show you how you can still have an enjoyable time at a Disney park regardless of how many times you’ve been, here are three tips for making your Disney vacation fun for the experienced adventurer.


Try A New Challenge

If you’ve had your fill of the rides this trip, you may consider trying a challenge that will give you an entirely new perspective on your day at Disney. Erin Foster, a contributor to, shares that Disney challenges turn your average Disney trip into a game, hunt, contest or quest. These challenges could include searching for as many Hidden Mickeys as you can find, trying new foods you haven’t eaten there before, pin trading with cast members and other guests and a lot of other fun activities. By adding a new challenge to your classic Disney trip, you can take your vacationing to a whole new world.

Enjoy The Arts

Disney spends a lot of time making sure that their parks are as beautiful as they are fun. However, the art and culture of the parks are often overlooked when people are running to get to Space Mountain. So to spice up your Disney day, you may enjoy foregoing the rides and taking in the art instead. This could include going into shops you haven’t visited yet and perusing the fine art they have for sale, getting your caricature drawn, or creating a piece of Disney art that’s all your own at one of the many interactive areas of the parks. Not only will this show you parts of the park that you may not have experienced before, but you’ll also have a great souvenir to take home, too.

Seek Out the Hidden Gems

The Disney parks are chalk full of places and adventures that many first-time visitors don’t even know exist. But if you’ve been around the park a time or two, you might find that seeking out a few of Disney’s “hidden gems” gives your park visit greater depth. Peggy Wang, a contributor to BuzzFeed, recommends that some of the best hidden gems to be on the lookout for include blasts from the past of Walt Disney himself, special treatments like piloting the Mark Twain Riverboat or sitting in the Lilly Belle train car, and enjoying little known facts and interactive parts of rides and buildings.

Spending some time at a Disney park, for a 9-year-old or a 49-year-old, can be just as much fun as your very first time experiencing the magic if you only know what to look for. Use the tips mentioned above to help make your next Disney vacation one you won’t soon forget.

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