How to make the most of your time at Woolacombe Bay

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Woolacombe Bay is one of the most famous beaches in Europe, with it’s glorious stretch of golden sands and renowned surf that rolls in from the Atlantic Ocean. For this reason it is a favorite with both families and thrill-seeking surfers alike. With easy access and good facilities it can make for a brilliant day out. Whether you are camping in north devon and nearby, or just visiting for a day trip, how do you make the most of your time on Woolacombe bay?

Check the weather ahead of time

Woolacombe can be either a blustery location perfect for a reinvigorating walk when it is windy or cold; or can be a serene beach that is amazing to soak in the summer sun and enjoy the refreshing waters of the Atlantic. So as you can see, your experience of Woolacombe will vary completely based on the weather. So make sure to check the weather ahead of time!

Arrive early

Whilst Woolacombe does have three large car parks with space for up to 2000 cars; due to its popularity, the car park can fill pretty quickly. For this reason, it is advisable to arrive earlier in the day to guarantee a car parking space. By doing this, you also get to take your pick of locations on the beach and enjoy the golden sands before it gets too busy.

Look at tide times

Your experience on any beach can shift radically depending on how far the tide is in, and Woolacombe Bay is no different. So make sure to look at the tide times ahead of your visit to the beach.

If you want surfing lessons or to rent surf equipment, book ahead of time

Woolacombe bay is surrounded by a town that is well equipped to cater to your interests if you are wanting to rent a surfboard or book lessons with a local surf school. However, to save the hassle of going round shops on the day rather than spending time at the beach; you can now ring a shop and book these lessons or rent your equipment in advance and quickly pick them up.

Swim in the safe zones

With Woolacombe being one of the most popular beaches in the United Kingdom, it is well staffed by lifeguards who are on duty to keep an eye on swimmers and surfers alike. However, Woolacombe has an extensive beachfront, so they will often limit the area for safe swimming between two flags. Make sure that you or those you have gone to the beach with stick between those two flags to remain safe when you are swimming.

Explore Woolacombe outside of the beach itself

Whilst Woolacombe Bay is a stunning beach, there is much more to Woolacombe than just the beach. There are plenty of amazing things to do, especially if you want to take in the dramatic landscape. If you are looking for a short and easy walk that takes you along the South West Coast Path, through the sand dunes and along the beach at Woolacombe then this Woolacombe beach walk is perfect for you. If you are more interested in stunning views across the bay towards Baggy Point and Morte Point, a walk up Potters Hill will be very rewarding. Or if you want the chance to see Atlantic Grey seals, you can get a great view of them from this walk to Morte Point.

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