How to Prepare for Your Own Vegas Vacation

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Traveling to Las Vegas is a trip filled with endless possibilities. There are limitless slot machines, an innumerable amount of poker and blackjack tables, decently priced buffets, and all the alcohol that you can drink.  All of those perks can also be a bit overwhelming — just ask Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. From losing too much money at the tables or slots to finding yourself in a compromising position, you have to be mindful of your libations while in Vegas. With the right mindset, though, your trip can be both freeing and safe simultaneously.

Here’s how to get started planning your Vegas trip:

  • Look for travel deals. Prior to heading to Vegas, it’s important to find the right flight, hotel and car package. Depending upon the time of year, Vegas can be a cheap trip or a really expensive one. You can do some research on the best times to travel based on off-peak seasons (hint: March to May and September to November are likely the best bet). Cutting down on unnecessary expenses is important — once you arrive in Vegas with the money that you saved by booking during the off season, you’ll thank yourself. You should also check out some of the top travel apps to help save some coin!
  • Check the weather. Another notion of travel that is often forgotten when heading to a place of ostensible paradise is the weather. While Vegas is in the desert and it’s usually hot, there are also plenty of nights where the temperatures can dip close to freezing or right below it. Dress appropriately and bring the right type of clothing for your trip – it is just as important as selecting the right buffet or knowing when to give up on a cold slot machine. Walking the strip at night in 30-degree weather wearing shorts or T-shirt isn’t the best idea and it likely means you weren’t as prepared as you should have been for your trip.
  • Know your limits. Should you decide to head to the nation’s sinful bowl of decadence, and partake in a few of the lustful and satisfying activities, know what you are good at first. While games like poker have caught fire because of exposure on the World Series of Poker and the insane amount of money the champions win, poker isn’t for everybody.
    A good way to practice your poker prowess is to start by understanding your brain’s risk tolerance and play regularly. You could also look for some local opportunities to play poker, or host a poker night with friends at home. It’s all practice for the big time when you hit the Vegas casinos. It is smart to take a peek at your poker profile before plopping down at a table and it will likely save you money and likely embarrassment. The same is true of slots and other games like keno.

Travel, food, money, and playing the right games will make your trip to Vegas better as long as you properly prepare. If not, you’re in danger of losing a lot money, catching pneumonia because you were underdressed, and eating too much at the wrong buffet. These pitfalls are certainly avoidable if you simply make the right decisions before taking your trip to Las Vegas.

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