Important Things to Think About Before Moving House to a New Location

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Moving house can be a stressful and busy time, especially when you’re relocating to a new area. It’s helpful to break down the entire task into smaller, manageable pieces that are easier to tick off your list one by one. Here’s a handy list of things to think about when you relocate.

many stacked moving boxes in a room

Your Old Home

Crossover periods between leaving your old home and relocating to your new one can be a challenge. If you need to move to your new area as soon as possible and you don’t want to defer on sealing the deal on your new place, you’ll ideally want a fast sale. The viewings and sales process can be longwinded but there are options, such as selling online.


If you have children of school age and you’re moving into a new school catchment area, it’s very important that you check which schools are available for enrolment. Places can be competitive for good schools and often you have to plan far ahead to be guaranteed a place at the school of choice.


Many people relocate to be in closer proximity to their workplace – this makes sense for ease of commute and a better work-life balance. If you want to cut down on using your car, for instance, you should check out the transport links in your area.

Local Amenities

Think about the benefits of moving to a new area; having more amenities in your doorstep will save you time and money on travelling further out to reach places like the following:

  • Supermarkets – having a decent and well stocked supermarket nearby makes it easier to benefit from a bigger range and better deals without spending the difference on getting there and back from further afield or relying on a local corner shop.
  • Hospitals, dentists and GP surgeries – access to medical services in the locality makes it much easier to access treatment and make appointments to fit around your schedule. Registration should be done in advance of a move to avoid long periods on a waiting list.
  • Banks – a real no-brainer again; being able to do your essential admin is very convenient especially as banks have now started opening longer hours in the week.
  • Places of worship – getting involved in your new community is always a good way to meet your neighbours and start participating in events in the locality.
  • Child and infant day care – it can sometimes be a task getting accessible childcare that’s close to home, but having local access can really help out busy parents.

Whatever your priorities, there are bonuses to moving to a new area and laying down roots in a somewhere else.

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