Kensington vs Buckingham Palace and My Perspective on Both

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Kensington PalaceI think somewhere in my ancestry there must be a prince and a princess for I love to visit the Royal Palaces in London.  When I first moved here, they were the first places that I visited so that I could have a better understanding of our heritage here in the UK.  If you want to enjoy both a royal and historic location whilst on your visit to London, be sure to place either Buckingham or Kensington Palace on your list of the tops destinations to begin your tour.

My Love for Kensington Palace

I must tell you straightaway that Kensington Palace is my favourite for a variety of reasons.  At the top of the list is that princess Diana chose this as her primary residence when I was just a young girl and she was by far my favourite role model of the Royals.  Kensington is located about a mile from Buckingham Palace and served as the home for sovereigns up until 1760; at that time Buckingham Palace became the residence of choice and continues to this day to be the favourite home of the Royals.  Not only do I love the paintings of the Royal Collection but also I enjoy just strolling through the lovely gardens imagining what former leaders of our country saw on their evening strolls amongst the flowers and trees.  From the secrets revealed with recent renovations to the spectacular State Apartments, Kensington Palace holds a special place in my heart.

Buckingham Palace-A Working Residence

If it’s your first time to London and it’s nearly 11 a.m. you must visit Buckingham Palace to see the historic Changing of the Guards.  Keep in mind that this is the only event that you’ll see at this location which is why I prefer Kensington to Buckingham Palace; being able to view special areas of any Palace makes the visit much more meaningful and special.  During August and September you may visit the State Rooms and see some of the paintings by the Masters, walk along the Garden, and view the art collections of the Royals.  You’ll find that because this is a popular destination of tourists, the crowds are very large here, the views are limited, and the activity of the visitors is sometimes overwhelming and dwarfs the ambiance of this historic Palace.

When Time is of the Essence

If you enjoy visiting historic places at your leisure and being able to see items that hold special meaning for our legacy, then Kensington Palace should be at the top of your list of places to visit here in London.  The serenity of the gardens, the quiet of the moment inside, and the calm atmosphere that you can experience as I have done makes this the preferred location of many UK residents.  You can stroll aimlessly throughout the Palace, take your time looking at artefacts important to our history, and enjoy the peace and quiet of smaller groups and more focused visitors.

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