Living On The Open Road: Tips For Living A Nomadic LIfe

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Sometimes the time is just right for a trip towards spiritual freedom.  One of the most adventurous ways to get in touch with your core is to head out on the open road.  Traveling from coast to coast, north to south, or wherever the wild winds blow, incites an inner freedom unlike any other.  

Take a few moments to check out a few helpful tips for living a nomadic lifestyle on the road.  Then, pack your bags, sell your stationery stuff, gas up your four wheels, and get going.  

The Gasbuddy app will help you

Gas prices are unpredictable, and sometimes downright expensive.  It is always a good thing to have all the available tools possible to get the best deals on fuel.  The Gasbuddy mobile app will let you know just when to stop to fill ‘er up. 

Another important aspect to consider when using the Gasbuddy to find the most affordable fuel prices is distance to the goal.  If you have to drive several miles out of your way, then it may not be worth the extra mileage.  

Find the least expensive space to camp

You may have times when it is necessary to pay for the accommodations of camp area, but avoid spending money when you can.  There are plenty of Wal-Mart parking lots and rest areas along the interstate with plenty of parking spaces opened throughout the night.  

Avoid toll roads and slow your roll

No one should travel coast to coast, or live a nomadic lifestyle without a functioning navigational system of some kind.  Use your GPS system to avoid driving on toll roads.  

Though toll roads are typically very nice and sometimes quicker than other routes, it is not worth the cost when you live on the road.  There are far better ways to burn a buck than paying to drive on prettier pavement.  

It pays to graze

The best way to feed yourself on the road is to graze.  Spend a little money at the grocery store, and stock up for the ride.  

Graze throughout the day on hearty snacks like nuts and jerky, and you will avoid spending so much on the empty calories fast food provides.  You will find that eating small, power snacks along the way will help keep you satisfied longer.  

Get creative when it comes to bathing

Getting clean on the road is challenging, but it is totally achievable.  You can choose to invest in a solar-powered, pop-up shower, and use the power of the Sun to get clean.  

You can pay a small fee sometimes to use the showers at a truck stop.  Truck stop showers sound way more sketchy than they typically are in reality.  

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