London: The Perfect Stylish City Break

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The capital of the UK, London is the perfect place for a city break. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, there’s much to see and do on a UK city break, and you certainly won’t be disappointed with your choice. Greater London has a population of over 8.5 million, with 22 different postcodes and nine area codes. With thousands of stylish boutiques, upmarket restaurants and cultural hotspots, you can go time and time again and still not see everything. However, if you’re only going once, here’s our picks of what to see and do.


Where to Eat

London has thousands and thousands of restaurants, so it’s difficult to even pick the top 100. As you’d expect, central restaurants are often pricey, but they also offer some of the finest food in the capital. All of the world’s top chefs are located in London so, if fine dining’s your thing, you’re in luck.

As you move out of the very centre, London’s multiculturalism means that you can get food from every corner of the globe, all at an affordable price. From market food to street food and posh restaurants, there’s sure to be something to tickle your taste buds. There’s something to suit every possible budget, too.

What to See

If you’ve never been to London before, then you really do need to hit some of the more clichéd tourist hotspots before you do anything else. Places such as:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
  • Oxford Street
  • Regent Street
  • Covent Garden

All of these are easily accessible on the Tube or on a hop on hop off bus. However, stray off the beaten track, too. Make sure you see London’s many museums and also visit places such as Camden, Hyde Park and The Shard so you can see everything London has to offer.

Where to Stay

Picking somewhere to stay in London is difficult. The Tube makes the outer parts of the city relatively accessible. However, they’re not the nicest areas and you can feel a little disconnected from everything that’s going on and travel can also be expensive.

Due to this, you want to ideally stay in the centre, which can be expensive. London’s many hotels are fantastic, but serviced apartments provide the best value and privacy. You’ll feel stylish, posh and like a member of the London elite.

London really is the perfect city break. What’s stopping you from booking?

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