Making Your Home Secure Before Leaving On Vacation

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The last thing that you want to worry about before you head out to a vacation is the security of your house. That will ruin any kind of fun or peace of mind that you have, so long before you get on that plane or train, take all of the necessary steps to make sure there’s no chance of a burglary or accident messing up your trip.


Five tips in particular would include installing the ultimate, hi-tech security solution, using smart lighting systems, getting rid of easily found spare keys, using home security apps that connect with your mobile devices, and having friends check in on your place at random intervals.

The Ultimate Security Solution

Thanks to the latest technology, without too much trouble, effort, or cost, you can install the best security solution on the market. All in one devices have face and voice recognition, understand geolocation tendencies, and are controllable through your phone. If you have one of these systems set up, no matter where you are on vacation, you have total eyes, ears, and control of your home environment.

Smart Lighting Systems

Another new tech advance involves smart lighting systems. Essentially, when you install these, the lights in your home learn when you turn them on and off, and will replicated that pattern regardless if you’re home or not. It’s a brilliant solution to make sure that anyone who is scoping out your house will have no idea that you’ve left for a vacation home and will be gone for the next two weeks. Easy to setup, easy to use, easy on your mind.

Getting Rid of Easily Found Spare Keys

The world we live in today is different than the one of 20 years ago. It’s no longer a smart idea to put a key under your doormat. Especially if you’re out on vacation, get rid of all the easy access points to your home. Burglars have gotten smart and know the old techniques for getting into houses, so make sure locks are set and keys are absent.

Home Security Smart Phone Apps

Depending on what security systems, applications, appliances, or gizmos that you use, it can be easier than ever to relax knowing that a few pushes of a few buttons on your smartphone, and you’ll have live, real-time access to video cameras at your home, the ability to lock and unlock doors, and even turn lights on and off. This type of access makes being burgled a low possibility.

Having Friends Check In On Your Place

Finally, a solid way to make sure that you don’t have to worry about your home when you’re out on vacation is to have friends and family stop by at irregular intervals. As long as they aren’t on a strict schedule, it will be difficult for home invasions to occur.

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