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Monmouth Coffee Company – A Gourmet London Coffee Shop

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The name Monmouth Coffee Company is synonymous with coffee and those who love their daily latte know they are at Monmouth Coffee. Located in North East England, Monmouth is a thriving community located on the banks of the River Mersey. For over fifty years, Monmouth has been known for supplying the world with premium quality coffee and for bringing coffee lovers closer together than ever before. Today, Monmouth Coffee Company continues to serve customers and consumers around the world with everything from espresso to cappuccino and tea.

Anita Le Roy opened Monmouth Coffee Company in 1978. During those days, there were very few other coffee shops in the area, so it was vital that each business operated in a step-by-step fashion to ensure efficiency and maximize profit. In the past five decades, Monmouth Coffee Company has grown steadily into a reputable competitor in the UK’s coffee scene, sourcing, roasting, and retailing their product from only sustainably sourced farmers, making their impact felt through word-of-mouth and a loyal following of consumers who seek the freshest, highest quality products from around the world. To continue growth and success, Le Roy decided to open up another branch of her popular business in the beautiful seaside town of Eastbourne. Today, Monmouth Coffee Company now delivers its original blends and specialty beverages from this location as well as across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Monmouth boasts many attractions that keep visitors coming back year after year. While on holiday in Monmouth, visitors can visit the steam room, sea cave, lighthouse tours, or even take part in the local dog show. The spa area at Monmouth Coffee Company offers treatments that range from aromatherapy to yoga. Visitors can also experience the beauty of the British countryside during a round-the-clock bike tour. After spending time in the hot rays of the sun, the coast is lined with some of Monmouth’s finest restaurants and quaint cafes where visitors can enjoy the bounty of the ocean.

At the heart of the business are its award-winning roast and espresso machines, known simply as “the Barista”. These machines are manufactured by the award winning companies such as Tully’s and Kona Coffee Roasters, so you know you’re getting the best products available in the world. Monmouth Coffee Company Barista’s are built to be versatile and simple to use, offering many different grinding options and espresso styles to meet any need you may have. You’ll find hand-ground, semi-ground, and full-ground beans available from the Monmouth Coffee Company. The newest addition to the espresso menu, “the Easy Jose” is made with Monmouth Coffee Company’s proprietary blend of super fresh high-quality Arabica beans, which makes it unlike any other brand of hand-ground coffee you’ve tried before.

The 250g tin can be reused as a “throw-away” bag, which means that every week it can go directly to your compost heap. This helps to maintain the integrity of the beans, and ensures they are kept fresh for longer, even during shipment and storage. As well as being easily reused, the 250g tin can be used as a “throw-away” cup, which makes it perfect for people who love to experiment. Due to its relatively high level of caffeine, the contents won’t stay awake long due to excessive withdrawal symptoms and grogginess caused by caffeine withdrawal.

The Monmouth Coffee Company has four unique bars which serve four different types of coffee each week. These are the Original, Spanish, Russian and the New World blends. The bars also house their signature latte and cappuccino, which are all served in the original wooden style, using hand-ground Spanish beans. The baristas will ensure all the Monmouth Coffee Company products are always made with fresh, high quality ingredients. Each morning the baristas visit the four bars and hand-pick each one of the four brands of coffee to brew, and then deliver it to the customers sitting in the four different coffee shops.

When you visit the Monmouth Coffee Company, you’ll find that each morning you’ll receive a specially selected Monmouth espresso coffee which is freshly roasted and ground on-site. After the espresso has brewed, it is served right from the machine. The baristas make sure to add the proper amounts of milk, sugar, cream and creamers depending on the brand you’re drinking. The specialty coffees include the Original which is a dark roast Costa Rican coffee, the Spanish, which is light in color but contains generous amounts of coffee grinds, and the New World that were introduced in 2020 and features a blend of robust Arabica beans from the mountains of Columbia and Nicaragua. Along with the regular espresso there are three delicious dessert coffee offerings. They are: Lemon Blast, Spice Blast, and Candied Mint.

There are also many locations across London and Maryland in addition to Monmouth. If you’re looking for a great cup of Joe but don’t want to go to the Monmouth Coffee Company every day you can visit their Maryland and London coffee shops. Both of their shops feature award winning equipment and highly trained baristas. You can stop by the Maryland location during your lunch hour or just to grab a cup of tea. If you’re staying in London, you can visit the London Monmouth Hotel which features a lounge and meeting area where you can meet local residents and talk coffee!

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