My Bittersweet Free US Trip

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Now I’m really not one to ever try and get a kick out of the misery of someone else (unless it’s a movie villain of course) so this is definitely not anything close to that. However, thanks to some rather archaic interpretations of some local state laws in Portland (Oregon), I’ve found myself jetting off across the Atlantic every three weeks over the past four months. That’s a lot of times to be travelling back and forth from the UK to the USA and get this; I’ve been travelling for free!

Ordinarily I’d jump at the chance to travel anywhere, let alone enjoying the opportunity to do it for free, but as suggested, in this particular situation it wasn’t really under very pleasant circumstances. While I was on a trip to the USA and driving along one of the roads in Portland, I happened to witness a major car accident.

As a result of that along with the manner in which the investigating officer interpreted the local laws regarding the legal proceedings protocol, as a key witness in what was an ongoing investigation I had to be physically present for some questioning at key moments of the investigation. This meant that on state resources I was put on a flight to and from the USA, enjoying very little chance to actually go out and explore the country further beyond the legal proceedings.

Actually I didn’t have any chance to explore the country at all. I was escorted from the airport as soon as I landed going through a special customs clearance procedure and pretty much escorted right back to be put on a flight back home as soon as the day’s proceedings were done. Although I felt like a VVIP, it did get a bit annoying since at times the cross examination process would last a mere 20 minutes and then I’d basically have to start the journey back across the Atlantic almost immediately.

Fortunately for me on the somewhat marred occasion that I was actually visiting the country purely as a tourist I really got to do and see as much as anyone would be content with as a traveller.

Look, I’m able to use the word “fortunate” in the same sentence as my description of the day’s events because it all actually worked out well in the end, for the victim that is. Thanks to the Johnston Law Firm, the Portland car accident attorneys were able to land a very helpful, sizeable settlement for the victim who was otherwise finding it very hard to piece together the events of the day. The victim also made a full recovery as I would go on to learn as part of the due diligence owned to me as a witness who’d been roped in to weigh in with my account of the incident’s events.

So I guess all’s well that ends well, although I shudder to think how the victim would have begun to try and handle all the legal headaches and subsequent fees associated with filing his claim had it not been for the free consultation service offered by Johnston.

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