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Summertime in particular invokes an air of excitement in the eager traveller which is very hard to match through other means. You look forward to being able to go out and about, freeing your spirit as much as you free your physical body from the confines of your indoor sanctuary, where you’re otherwise stuck as a result of the freezing weather outside. With every new transition of spring into summer however, and every next plan you make for a summer getaway you manage to steal, all the little discomforts which form an unfortunate part of the warmer weather naturally come flooding back as well, and must duly be made provision for as well. If you don’t make provision for all those little discomforts summer comes with, an otherwise great summer outing or vacation can linger on in your mind as an uncomfortable lesson in planning for your personal and physical care.


The otherwise welcomed sun comes into focus, but that old saying of too much of a good thing not being good after all rings true amidst all the holiday excitement as well. The sun is no exception in that although it feels really good on your skin if you’ve endured a long, cold and wet winter, the reality is that it does contain what can be very harmful UV rays. You’re perhaps fully aware of the need for sunscreen cream if your holiday plans are going to be dominated by a good few hours in direct sunlight, but the most damage to people’s skin inflicted by the sun is when it’s a little bit cloudy and when the sun’s presence is not glaringly obvious.

On one of those cloudy days which are quite delightfully mild, you’re much more likely to spend way more time out and about without realising that you’re continuously exposing yourself to what can be very dangerous levels of the Ultraviolet rays of the sun, with some severe-case complications as bad as developing skin cancer. So you should always endeavour to learn as much as you can about the adequate cover which is suitable for the relevant amount of UV rays you’re going to be exposed to.

Holiday Sun Bundle competition (UK and Ireland)

British and Irish residents who enjoy the great outdoors in whatever dose they can manage, can be in line to win a nice Holiday Sun Bundle, which is a sunscreen protection hamper that includes Green People SPF15 Sun Lotion with Tan Accelerator, Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF25, and Green People Day Sun Lotion SPF 15. Prize supplied by Supplements, so get in touch now to lock-in your chance of winning. Competition runs until Saturday 25th June, 2016.

This trio of sunscreen protection lotions pretty much covers all the sun-protection requirements anybody with plans to be out and about could ever need, whether you’re planning to top-up your tan, start your tan from scratch or indeed if your outdoor activities might expose you to inconspicuous but equally harmful rays.

Otherwise the great outdoors are waiting, so go out and have fun!

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