Settling Into Big City Life

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There’s no doubt about the fact that life in the big city is just that much more challenging than any small town or village one may come from. For one there are just so many more people whom you’ll constantly come into contact with, that in addition to so much more just happening so much faster. Drawing on the experiences of a small town lass who’s since made a life in the big city, here are some useful tips to help you settle into the big city you seek to make your home:

Not Everybody is to be Trusted

I nearly broke my head trying to think of a more positive way to phrase this, but I guess it is what it is and there’s no sugar coating it. In stark contrast to the typical small town or village, people in big cities generally give off the vibe of only becoming your “friend” if they have something to gain from you. I’m not hinting at anything about the many friends I’ve made since arriving in the big city of London (love you all to bits), but I’m just shining a light on a genuine reality of life in just about any big city.

Not everyone is to be trusted and you can perhaps go as far as saying that there are more people you can’t trust than those you can.

In order to avoid the consequences of the dealings of some potentially shady characters who can’t be trusted, it’s perhaps best to familiarise yourself with as many people living and working around you as possible. This way for example you know exactly where to go if you might perhaps have bought something that turns out to be faulty or isn’t quite of the quality it was indicted to be of.

Surviving and thriving in the big city really just comes down to the personal networks you build up. It’s a simple matter of aligning yourself with faces that go on to become familiar. I mean if for example a neighbour was short on change a day before their payday, you’d be doing them a favour they’ll only be glad to repay if you top them up. If the person supposedly short on change is someone you’ve never seen your life before, there’s nothing which suggest to you that they’re not just playing you for some easy change, along with many other residents of the city.

Buy and Shop Local

Okay so obviously this is something which can only be done within reason, but it’s good practice to shop local in a big city. Sure, unless the big city you call home has already pioneered their deployment of practices like vertical farming, the fresh produce you’ll be buying in a big city will come from the outskirts. The next best way to shop local is using local services specifically servicing that area. So, for example, if you live in Virginia Beach and were involved in a car accident there, you would retain services from a Virginia Beach personal injury attorney should such a need arise.

This helps keep money and value circulating in close proximity to your living environments, thereby raising or maintaining the quality of your life.

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