The 6 Most Beautiful Cities In Europe

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I have been lucky enough to travel through the heart of Europe. And, let me tell you, it is home to the most beautiful cities in the world. I recently found myself daydreaming about my trip to Barcelona, and decided I needed to write this post! Europe is rich with history and culture, and its cities are buzzing with life. There’s nothing better than a cute European cafe in a quaint old town. But, which is the very best? I don’t know if I can choose! Here are my favourites, and you can help my pick the best.

  1. Paris – Paris is the obvious choice when it comes to beautiful cities. After all, it’s the most romantic place on earth. Taking your loved one here is the perfect way to show them how much you love them. The wonderful Eiffel tower never fails to disappoint, and the quaint French streets are a dream. My favourite part of the city is Montmartre. It’s where the artists gather to paint on the streets, and the cafes here are perfect.
  1. Bologna – I traveled through Italy last year using Venere to book small apartments along the way. I have to say, there was no better way to see this amazing country. Living like the locals in small one-bed apartments made me feel part of each city. You might be surprised to find Bologna here ahead of Rome or Venice. But, for me, Bologna had more beauty. It was quieter, better kept, and prettier than the bigger cities.
  1. Bern – There’s something very special about Switzerland. The mountain views are just incredible. It’s enough to take your breathe away as you drive through carved out tunnels and deep valleys. There aren’t many big cities in Switzerland, but Bern is your number one destination. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s so pretty, they had to make it a ‘place of cultural significance’!
  1. Barcelona – Ah, the city that inspired this entire piece. I have a strong connection to the Spanish city. The architecture is truly unique here. They let artist Gaudi run wild with the city, and his influence is everywhere. From the stunning Sagrada Familia church to the Guell park, his melting architecture is everywhere. Barcelona also gets bonus points for being right on the beach. Perfect!
  1. London – London isn’t beautiful in a traditional sense. It’s not quaint or cute like Bern or Paris. But, there’s still something about that place that takes your breath away. The fantastic modern skyscrapers clash with the centuries-old Parliament buildings. But, that only adds to its charm. There’s a buzz and excitement here unlike anywhere else on the continent.
  1. Prague – My first memory of Prague is how busy it was! So, I decided to get up and explore the town before anyone else woke up. I’m so glad I did, because it was the best way to see this beautiful city. The classic renaissance architecture is breathtaking. I walked for hours with my head in the clouds. What a stunning city.

I’m feeling nostalgic just thinking about it all! What do you think of my list? And what would your top 6 look like?

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