The Adventurer’s Quick Guide to Travelling Light

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When your next trip is all about adventure and nothing much else, the need to worry about what to wear is perhaps one of the last things on your mind. Serious adventure travellers would gladly skip their flight if possible and teleport straight to their destination, which says a lot about how much luggage real-estate they’re willing to sacrifice. Since you probably won’t be attending any formal functions or events that have a strict dress-code, it’s all about packing light and packing for comfort and convenience. Here are some essentials to pack if you are a true adventurer who wants to travel as light as possible.


3 Trousers

If you want to be just a little bit prepared for a semi-formal event you might not be able to resist attending, perhaps one pair of smart jeans will do, otherwise the three pairs of trousers you should pack to keep things light would include two cargo pants (preferably all-weather proof cargos which are made of quick-drying material like some polyester), and then there’s that one pair of smart jeans.

2-3 Shorts

Three pairs of quick-drying shorts will do as well, preferably those which are popular with surfers (Billabong, Gotcha, Quicksilver, etc.). They’re great because you can go swimming in them in addition to the comfort they offer and their versatility in just about every adventure setting.

Versatile Shirts

Polo Shirts in their various designs make for a good example of some versatile shirts to pack in. A smart golf shirt for instance won’t look a single bit out of place on the golf course if it’s the same shirt you’d wear on something like a kayaking adventure. Comfort is the key here, but you’ll also have a lot to work with if you want to look good while out on your adventures. Pack in as many shirts as you can (at least five) and if you mix and match these with your three trousers and three surfer’s shorts, no two outfits you wear on your travels will be the same.

Smart-Casual Sneakers

If you’re going to be exploring some activities which require you to really get stuck in and perhaps a bit dirty, smart-casual sneakers such as the Adidas Superstar range will work out for the best. Preferably go for a black pair because they’re slow to show dirt and offer great trainer-like comfort while also holding their own as smart, everyday shoes. Other brands which offer their own versions of similarly styled smart-casual sneakers include the likes of Reebok and Soviet. Dark colours and comfort are key to pulling this off. Complement these with a pair or two of flip-flops and perhaps some light boots, but only include the light boots if there is space.

The rest of your luggage real-estate would then be allocated to all your other essentials, such as toiletries (only one each of your essentials in your “survival pack”), socks and undergarments, perhaps your gadgets as well and anything else which essentially earns its spot in your luggage by offering some real value you’ll use during your adventure travels.

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