The Baitul Futuh Mosque

The Baitul Futuh Mosque

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The Baitul Futuh Mosque is located in London, England. It is a prominent mosque for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, situated mainly in Morden, London. The Baitul Futuh Mosque has been built entirely by donations of Ahmadi Muslims from all over the UK and indeed from all over the world. The building of The Baitul Futuh Mosque was initially a planned project by the London Borough of Merton and then by the entire Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

The Baitul Futuh Mosque was constructed to provide a place for the Muslims to pray. The main prayer area, called the masjid is located on the ground floor with carpeting throughout. The carpeting is done in a style that is similar to that used in prayer rooms in the holy mosques all over the globe. The carpets used here are of a thick, plush material that gives a luxurious feel to the room.

The complex includes three prayer halls, an administration block and a big swimming pool. The swimming pool, known as the Al-Miraj House pool, is almost two hundred feet long and features a shimmering silver dome and water fountain. The administration block of the mosque also has a swimming pool and the ground floor has a carpeted prayer hall and an intricately designed staircase. The mosque complex includes a twenty-four hour security guard, CCTV, fire alarms, panic buttons and burglar alarms.

The Baitul Futuh Mosque also has a small town nearby called Al-akhbar. The town houses a number of local shops and restaurants as well as a market town square. The minaret, called the Al-Azhar Mosque, also houses the grand minaret of Islam. The entire complex is considered a heritage site by the government and it was built in the memory of the great scholars and leaders of Islam. The complex also includes a hospital, a pharmacy and a clinic. The rehabilitation centre, which offers intensive rehabilitation services, is also present within the complex.

The Baitul Futuh Mosque houses five schools, including two madrasas and a community centre. The school, which houses the primary and secondary schools is located a little distance from the main prayer hall and is called al-Noor. The secondary school is named as Al- sharqi wali hamdi lil Allah. The third school is called Al- sharqi wali hamdi in Islam and is for girls only. The fourth school is called Al- sharqi wali hamdi lil Islami and is exclusively for boys.

The main prayer hall of the Baitul Futuh Mosque is located at a height of 150 feet and can seat more than a thousand people. The area is divided into smaller sections for the moneys of different transactions such as, business, meetings, prayers and general durance. The minute mosques are used as prayer rooms and they are designed so that the imams and mujahedeen can deliver sermons and spiritual teachings to the masses. The masajid itself also has an audience of two thousand people during weekdays.

The Baitul Futuh Mosque has an average processing power of about thirteen megawatts. The largest mosque of the Arab League is situated in Rabat, which is under the Ben Ali Family. The city of Rabat is a famous tourist spot and the family runs many hotels. The country of Tunisia is known for its sandy beaches, warm sea temperatures and temperate climate. The Ben Ali family’s main seat is Tobago, which is governed by the moderate government of the constitution. The country’s major export is oil, which is processed by the French company Orica.

The Baitul Futuh Mosque houses numerous national and international businesses and has offices in Dubai, Morocco, and Tokyo. The local community celebrated a successful merger between the local businessmen and traders, who had previously held competing interests, by hosting a national peace symposium in Rabat. The fusion of commerce and religion has brought about the establishment of this mosque. The mosque also organizes several community events in keeping with the traditions and culture of Tunisia.

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