The Best Rural Driving Routes the UK has to Offer

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The UK has some of the most stunning, scenic driving routes that the world has to offer; with sublime loch-bound passes in Scotland to seaside drives along the Northern Irish coastline, there is something for everyone when it comes to a drive that offers full control of the road and unparalleled views of Britain’s ethereal countryside landscapes.

With the help of Trade Centre UK and Trade Centre Wales, who offer cars for sale in south wales, we’ve created the go-to list of the best rural drives in the UK. Here, we show you where to find these legendary motoring routes, and tell you exactly why you should add them to your bucket list as a must-drive destination.

The Black Mountain Road: A4069, Powys, Wales

This open road stretches for five miles through the majestic plains of the Brecon Beacons National Park, which was formed in 1957. The undulations of the road, as it twists and dips through hilled passes, will leave you in awe when passing through the untouched brambled landscape.

Based in the midlands of Wales, you can visit this national park and enjoy scenic countryside that displays some of the best red sandstone rock formations in the UK. It is said that the way that the light hits the Black Mountain range at twilight is simply spectacular. You can also visit the Mynydd Illtud Common, which is near the village of Libanus, where you’ll be able to see the four main hill ranges that make up the park – dominated by the Pen y Fan, which is the highest point in the park, standing tall at 886m.

While you’re driving, you may get the opportunity to see one of four winding rivers in the park, the Ellte, Hepste, Pyrddin and Nedd-fechan. Or if wildlife interests you more, red kites are often spotted soaring across the skies of the park on a regular basis.

A82 Towards Glencoe: Scotland

In the highlands of Scotland, merely a two hours’ drive from Glasgow city centre, drivers can lose themselves in the picturesque landscapes that encompass this hidden treasure in the UK’s landscape. Glencoe is an area of untouched beauty and when driving along this road, users can enjoy the mountainous passes the road winds through.

The road will undulate under skies of deep purples and reds during the colder months, passing through the munros and hills of the Scottish wilderness. When you’re driving along this road, you’ll be able to visit Glencoe Lochan, a combination of still waters and lush forestry where you can stop and take in the highlands’ majesty. Or better yet, if you want to stretch your legs and go on a true Scottish hike, visit Coire Ballaig (the lost valley) – where the MacDonald clan would hide cattle from rampaging Englishmen!

The Humber Bridge: North Lincolnshire, England

As a symbol of the feats of modern engineering, the Humber Bridge stands tall near Kingston Upon Hull. Opened for use in 1981, the bridge was the longest in the world – spanning 2,220-metres, and is now the eighth longest bridge in the world.

Driving across this bridge, you’ll be able to experience the vastness of the Humber – an estuary formed by the rivers Trent and Ouse, which is a visibly scenic depiction of Yorkshire’s beauty. The bridge connects the East Riding of Yorkshire to North Lincolnshire, and as of 2006, the bridge has been carrying 120,00 vehicles per week! If this type of journey sounds like it requires a car that can go the full distance, then visit the Trade Centre UK for a car that you can really enjoy this journey in.

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