The Best Way to Explore the Caribbean

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In this post, I am going to share tips for the best way to travel to the islands of the Caribbean, based on my own personal experiences from multiple visits to the region and from sharing travel tips and stories with fellow travellers.

Cruising (& Island-Hopping)

Cruises in the Caribbean may be an excellent way to experience the Caribbean, but they are not your only options. Island-hopping the Caribbean is a great way to see many places within a region in the same vacation. Another way to bounce while island-hopping in the Caribbean is to fly between islands.

Depending on how much time you have, you can reach other islands such as Martinique, St. Lucia, and Antigua by taking one-way flights with LIAT and Caribbean Airlines, all of which are cheaper. The most popular is booking a cruise but make sure your fiance visa uk before traveling on a cruise, but you can easily do it independently and make your own island-hopping circuit, taking advantage of the many ferry and boat trips that run back and forth between smaller islands in the Caribbean. You can easily experience a number of tasty destinations throughout the Caribbean in one trip, by mastering the art of island-hopping.

Must-See Stops in Your Itinerary

The choices will vary from destination to destination (places like Aruba and Jamaica, with more tourists, naturally have more offerings), but wherever you go, chances are good that you can go diving, snorkelling, taking a boat ride, learning a bit of the local history, and booking an overall tour of the islands.

All-Inclusive Accommodation

Going the all-inclusive route may be a convenient and affordable way to plan a vacation, but if this is your only exposure to the Caribbean, and you are not working in some non-resort offerings, you are missing out on a lot of the flavours of them all.

You just have to hop on a plane, research the best places to visit in the Caribbean, book yourself into an all-inclusive resort, and you are all set to enjoy all of the pleasantries that the Caribbean has to offer. When combined with its easy access to its islands, we can see why it is the preferred destination of so many travellers. With almost ideal tropical weather, gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, and the Caribbean’s tropical winds, the Caribbean is one of the best places for a holiday nearly year-round.

A Quick Flight Away

Luckily, the world’s best beaches, richest cultures, and most fiery cuisine are all just a quick flight away on the islands of the Caribbean, a bustling archipelago. In addition to its beautiful beaches and islands, the Caribbean is filled with European-inspired architecture, hidden lagoons, and hiking trails waiting to be explored.


Perhaps the best way to do it though, is with the vessels of luxury yacht manufacturer, Oyster Yachts, as this essentially allows you the freedom to control your Caribbean sailing route. You’d be doing it in fine style too!

The truth is that Caribbean islands can be pricey, but it is possible to have cheap Caribbean travel too, if that’s what you’re looking for. Otherwise we have got the lowdown on all of the most visited islands, with details of what is best on each, broken down by how easy they are to access, so you can prioritise time at the beaches rather than at the airports if you are short on time.

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