The Difference between Enjoying Your Money and Wasting It

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The trappings of the big city can have you running with the ideology that life in the big city is simply more expensive, requiring you to work harder so that you can play harder and spend more money. The fact that things are only as expensive as the buying masses allow them to be is perhaps a discussion for another day, but as long as there is demand in abundance, the perception surrounding the supply which meets that demand can always be altered.

That’s why comfort and luxury are two terms which are often misused to refer to anything which costs you an arm and a leg. I mean just because you paid an exorbitant amount for something, that doesn’t automatically qualify it as a luxury item. Case in point; if you order a bed directly from the manufacturers or from the manufacturer’s factory outlet, you’ll probably pay considerably less for it than what you’d pay if you bought the same bed from a prestigious high street retailer.

If it’s the exact same bed does the fact that someone else paid more for it suddenly make it a luxury item? Does the individual who paid more for the same bed suddenly enjoy a more comfortable mattress? No they don’t and that’s where it becomes important to hone one’s ability to distinguish between comfort, luxury and something which is simply overpriced.

Sure, certain things will inevitably cost more based on their location and origins, for instance fuel might be cheaper at the coast than it is in the heart of a country which imports their fuel, so too anything else which is imported by mere virtue of the distance those commodities and goods have to travel.

This brings to light the difference between someone who wastes their money while claiming to be enjoying their money and someone who is actually enjoying their money. If you wanted to run down to the convenience store and it’s only two blocks away for example, calling a limousine taxi for that short trip makes no financial sense and would go down as a total waste, whereas if you were travelling a much longer distance and you perhaps wanted to get some work done while on the road, the services of the likes of would make more sense. This would go down as spending more for that distinct value you’re looking for and if for instance travelling in this type of luxury and comfort means you can indeed get more work done while on the road, then there is no wastage involved.

That’s the reason why some multimillionaire businesspersons choose to fly private. In the end, when everything is aggregated, doing so results in a net gain and a whole lot of time saved. I mean if you’re travelling a longer distance by road, would you rather not arrive refreshed and rejuvenated as opposed to tired, sleepy and irritable?

This applies to just about every other area of life in the big city – the price of whatever you choose to spend your money on can only be justified by the unique value it ultimately affords you.

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