The Quintessential UK Attraction – It’s all about accessibility

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Ever since I made the big move over to the capital, I’ve made it my mission to explore every nook and cranny, from the most popular places which are featured in the mainstream tourist guides (do those even still exist?) right down to those obscure corners, where a second or third visit might have you questioning whether or not you were dreaming of the night market you swear was there. It continues to be a journey that’s full of surprises, many of which are pleasant, but some which I’ve since put together to make up some of those notorious lists of things to avoid when visiting a certain destination.

Recently it started to feel a little bit like going through the motions, but that feeling soon disappeared, well because the true traveller’s spirit will always find a way to come to the fore to remind you of the essence of why you choose to travel! It didn’t happen all by itself though, because I had to take a little bit of a break from that travelling which was confined to the London locale – which to be fair, is so vast that even if you were to try out each and every restaurant in the popular city, it won’t be before you kick the bucket that you manage to sample dishes from all the dining establishments. I’m not even counting the character-filled pub-grub locations and charming street food outlets here…

Now, as much as London has so much to offer, seeking to look beyond the capital for a little bit had me researching topics such as what would make up the quintessential UK attraction. Which venue or destination could I visit in the UK which would have me coming away with an experience I could put down as one which embodies the heart and soul of the United Kingdom, as diverse as the Kingdom is?

Interesting times lay ahead, mostly because I didn’t quite expect to be leading up to the discussion of the most accessible UK attractions to make up the list of options which constitute the quintessential UK attraction to escape to, whether I’d be settling for a trip within the London city limits, to Hyde Park or perhaps even St Paul’s Cathedral, or if I was to traverse the country’s boundaries to find myself in Belfast, taking in the history-filled experience of Titanic Belfast. Basically it came to light that the attractions which best embody the UK travel experience, mostly from a history and culture point of view, are those which have been made most accessible to the widest range of the UK demographic possible.

The infographic included below delves into greater detail on the topic, but just to briefly explain what I mean by this is that disabled people who are impaired in any number of ways can also enjoy access to these iconic attractions, so too the elderly. It’s a simple matter of this – if the caretakers and operators of those venues go to the trouble of making sure they’re accessible to everyone, it’s only because there is that much value to be extracted out of visiting them.

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