Things You Can’t Be Found Without When Vacationing to Cali

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California is an entirely different world. For the people who live there or grew up there, they don’t understand how not like the rest of the United States it is until they leave for a long enough amount to time to get a little perspective. California is the place that everybody wants to be. If it weren’t for the traffic and expense, it would be the perfect place to live.


It’s sunny almost year round. The heat is a dry heat, so it’s bearable. Whatever you crave, you’ll be able to find within California’s borders thanks to the diversity of people and culture, and the Ocean spans the whole of the western side of the state. That’s a lot of beachfront to enjoy.

If you love California, but would rather vacation there in luxury than live there year round, here are some things that you can’t be found without with vacationing to California:

Your Best Shoes and Handbag

California just might be the shopping capital of the United States. Other than New York City, the greater L.A. area is really the most well known city in the country. When you vacation to California, you can’t be seen, especially out in public without your best shoes and your best handbag. Everybody in California is about designer brands. You will be judged by the shoes that you wear and the purse you’re carrying around, so even if your outfit it simple and from H&M, if you’re carrying around a coach purse and you’re rocking the latest and greatest pair of designer shoes, you’ll fit right in.

Several Swimsuits

If you happen to make it to California without a swimsuit, it’s not the end of the world considering the whole of the state sits right on the ocean and you can easily walk into any store and buy yourself a new one. However, you never know when you’re going to have to opportunity to do just that. What if you’ve just arrived into the state and you’re near the ocean with no stores in sight? When vacationing to California, bring a swimsuit. The more, the merrier, because you’ll be spending all day at the beach and you might get bored of wearing the same suit the entire time.

Sunscreen/Tanning Oil

You really have to know what your skin type is when you go to California because you’ll be spending a lot of time out in the elements and it’s sunny literally all day. If you tan really well, bring the tanning oil and whatever you need to ensure that your skin stays healthy with all the exposure. If you don’t tan and you know it, don’t ditch the sunscreen and hope for the best. Be smart, lather up, and enjoy your time in the sun being comfortable in your skin.

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