Tools that help to plan your winter holiday

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While some look forward to their summer holiday, smart travellers and snow lovers know there is no need to wait until the warm weather hits to travel. A winter break can be exciting, fun, and refreshing – and very, very active!

Whatever you want to do during your winter break, organising it won’t feel like a hassle with these planning tools.

Flight price trackers

The first step to planning your winter holiday is thinking about your travel arrangements. This means one of your most important tools is going to be a good flight tracker. If you aren’t set on your dates, you can get great deals on your flights, and even if you are, you can still set a time frame and find the best deals for that window.

Review sites

Whether it is for places you will be visiting or your accommodation, reviews sites are your best friend. Honest reviews are so important when it comes to where you travel – time isn’t limitless! Check out what other people are saying about a place ahead of time to decide whether it is for you. This can also be essential if you want to find out whether somewhere is accessible, and who it is suitable for.


If you are a skiing enthusiast, then knowing all the trails is essential for getting the most from your holiday. Nowadays, you don’t need to stock up on physical maps of an entire area – you can just use an app. As well as scouting the local area, many resorts will have their own maps showing suitable slopes for all experience levels. This can help you to plan your days ahead of time, and even decide on the best resort for you.

Weather forecasts for altitude

If you are looking for an adventure in the snow on your winter break, then knowing the weather forecast ahead of time could seriously alter your plans. Does your break rely on there being heavy snowfall? Would a winter storm spoil all your fun?

The best way to tackle this is by looking into the average weather at the time of year you are going away. Looking at the snow forecast for Chamonix and other areas can help you to decide on the best time to travel so you can get the most from your trip.

With these tools in mind, planning that winter holiday should be easier than ever. So, what are you waiting for? For both skiers and non-skiers there will be plenty to do. Don’t forget to pack your winter wear!

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