Top 5 Clubs in London

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The city of London is considered to be one of the world’s great cities. Its glamour, unique beauty and spirit makes it one of the world’s most visited destinations by travel lovers from all around the globe. 

But London is not only visited for its unique British essence, the Big Ben or the Buckingham Palace. It’s an attractive place for the fun nightlife it offers with a wide list of amazing bars, clubs and pubs too.

After sunset, you will still be able to enjoy some of the fascinating London attractions, best clubs and bars. Here is a list of the most recommended nightclubs:

Cirque le Soir

Madness and craziness at its finest, you won’t find a place like Cirque le Soir! Located in Ganton Street, it is a one of a kind London club that stands out for the extravagant entertainment shows, elite clientele and sophisticated interior decor. You should definitely not miss a night-out dancing to Cirque le Soir’s motto – If you don’t know, don’t worry!


Located in London’s Oxford Street, Libertine by Chinawhite is an exclusive nightclub that guarantees a unique experience. It is a premier London club where you will always find a glamorous clientele dancing to hot, trendy music by resident DJ’s that often play with other famous artists known worldwide. It opens every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:30h to 3:00h. 

The Cuckoo Club

The Cuckoo Club is a two-floor luxurious club located in London’s Swallow Street. Both floors offer a completely unique experience being upstairs the perfect spot for private events or chill out music concerts and downstairs the ideal place for clubbing among the most fashionable crowd. According to Vogue List, “formidable” is the perfect word to describe this intimate and sophisticated venue. Your expectations will be surely met!

Mahiki Mayfair

Since its opening in 2005, Mahiki Mayfair has maintained a stable reputation as one of London’s best nightclubs. The Tiki interior decor style with trinkets, carvings and cocktails served in pineapples, coconuts and treasure chests makes this place a unique one in every aspect. The party in this paradise starts at 6pm in the Lanai Lounge and continues after 10pm in the Aloha Party Room. Can’t get enough? Sing the night away at the hidden karaoke room open until 3am!

Drama Park Lane

Expect the loud. Expect the abnoxious. Expect Drama! I place in London like no other. The playground of the city’s most famous celebrities. Decorated with a creative touch of art, colors and a vibrant interior, Drama Park Lane radiates sophistication and class in every corner. It opens Thursday to Sunday from 11pm to 4am.

If you’re planning an unforgettable night at any of these top, London nightclubs, Lux Guest List can make it easier for you. They offer reliable VIP guest lists and VIP table booking services at the most exclusive clubs in town. Plus, they also organize events such as birthdays, hen and stag celebrations and corporate events. Visit their website at here to join a VIP guest list or book your private VIP table. 

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