Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square – The Smallest Police Station in the UK

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Trafalgar Square may well be one of the most famous and busiest squares in London. Even though Trafalgar Square holds so many small little secrets its still become quite well known as being home to the smallest police station in the UK, some say the smallest police station in the world or even the planet. The reason it is so well known as a location for stolen goods is that it is situated in an area that is well known for this type of activity. But what is so special about Trafalgar Square?

Well if you think about it, Trafalgar Square is a perfect location for two reasons, it’s a central location in London and is also a place where many high profile people have been attacked or had affairs. For example the Yardley’s supermarket, which is located very close to the square in Russell Street and closed in 1992. Also, it is the location of Big Ben, which although it is a gala that does not actually reside within the square.

The reasons Trafalgar Square is used as a location for stolen goods is that its right in central London, it is close to the City of Westminster and the main Westminster railway station. So this means that if you’re going to rob a shop or shopkeeper you need to get close to a bunch of people who can be quick on the foot and maybe who can also identify you when you rob them. The first thing that comes to mind is a good old CCTV system. But sadly it is not the only way that the UK’s smallest police station in the UK can provide protection. In fact it has two security cameras, one inside the Square itself and one outside.

Outside the square there are a covered Walkie talkie base and a cop car tunnel. The area is well protected from any high risk criminal activity. The area also has a huge police presence, which will be able to respond to any incident almost instantly. There are a helipad and an ambulance at the central point of Trafalgar Square and also at the nearby West End Police Station, which is a much bigger force to deal with any kind of crime in central London.

Crime incidents in Trafalgar Square are mainly centered around commercial crimes such as shoplifting. As I said before there is no real crime happening in the Square but it does attract some negative publicity from the press and from people who take offence to things that are said or seen there. The one occasion that I recall was a McDonalds in Trafalgar eating place which got robbed by a group of youths. The manager of the McDonalds restaurant was beaten badly during the robbery and he died later in hospital. Thankfully the McDonalds in Trafalgar wasn’t a very popular place and it wasn’t a very high percentage of the local population who ate there so they weren’t expected to suffer too much damage.

The area is well sign posted with details of local crime activity, and a CCTV camera can be seen in the window of the Police Station at Trafalgar Square. The area is a licensed bus terminal and you can find many buses going to the nearby tube stations and the Canary Wharf Pier. The area is also host to a large number of shops which all have good opening hours. They have a wide range of different businesses inside the shopping centre including high end department stores and small independent shops. You can eat, drink and shop at any of the cafes or restaurants that are located in the area.

The smallest police station in the UK is also situated in the heart of the city. This means that if you want to go on shopping errands or visit the theatre then you won’t need to travel far. The area is also home to one of the largest art galleries in the country which regularly hosts world famous exhibitions. The Central London area has also been the location of numerous film projects including Harry Potter and Star Wars.

If you want somewhere to feel safe and relaxed then Trafalgar Square is ideal. With plenty of shops and bars within easy walking distance you can enjoy your stay in central London without having to worry about crime or missing out on any great entertainment opportunities. If you’re looking for somewhere to jog or walk while you’re in the area, the central crime zone is the place to go as Trafalgar is considered to be one of the best locations in London to jog and walk.

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