Useful Apps for Travellers Who Love the Thrill of the Spin

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For those of us who totally love the thrill of the spin and all the opportunities each spin comes with to perhaps win some good money, whenever you hit up a new city you’re visiting, one or more of the resident casinos inevitably form part of the itinerary. In fact, I’d even go as far as saying that one even plans their activities around casinos, quite simply because if you really don’t have anything lined up you’re sure to find some good fun at a casino.

So with that said, the typical casino thrill seeker needs to have some essential apps on their phone so that you’re never too far away from the fun.

Maps & Navigation


How on earth are you going to locate the next casino to hit up if you don’t have any navigation apps on your phone? Some of the best maps and navigation apps are all inclusive, available for both the Android and iOS platforms. Just make sure to keep them up to date and you’ll have the freedom of the city right at your fingertips, with detailed directions, route planners and even commuting time estimators built-into the apps. Recommended app: Maps by Google

Mobile Gaming & Casino

imageFor those times when you’re not quite up to hitting up the physical casino floors, mobile slot games for your phone make for the next best thing. There are various apps you can download through which you can play casino games just for fun or for real money, whether you just want to pass time or if that’s indeed your idea of fun. Mobile casino apps and games are becoming more and more intuitive, which means the fun isn’t spoiled too much by occurrences such as a loss in internet connection, so you can enjoy hours of fun playing some casino favourites on your mobile device. Recommended app: For mobile casino gaming we recommend downloading Opera Mini, which is mobile-web-specific browser and then you can play mobile slot games directly by visiting platforms such as 777SpinSlot

Discounts & Special Offers


If your eyes light up at the prospect of every other spin affording you the chance to win some good money, then you’re more than just a gambler at heart — you’re a thrill seeker who truly understands the infinite possibilities offered by the entire commercial sector. So you’d then naturally delight in being able to take full advantage of discounts and special offers, whether for free bets at your favourite casino or perhaps for a nice meal at a resident casino restaurant. Discounts and special offers are aplenty in the online gaming and casino industry. Recommended app: Groupon

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