Ways to Make Your Next Road Trip the Best Thing Ever

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Road trips are always fun for the whole family. Or not. It depends on how far you have to go, what car you’re taking, how old your children are, how strong of a bladder you have, and how long you can last sitting in confined space.


Despite the possible negatives of road trips, they’re also a lot of positives that go along with them. Like anything in life, road trips are what you make of them. If you have a good attitude and plan right, traveling by way of Route 66 might be your new favorite thing. Here are some ways you can make your next road trip the best thing ever:

Pick the Right Companions

It’s all in the company. A trip could go completely awry, but if you have the right people with you, it doesn’t matter. You could visit the best destination ever and if you’re at odds with your travel buddies, it ruins the whole vacation. This is why it’s important to know yourself and know your companions well enough to know if you can handle being in close quarters with them for hours and days at a time. Good, healthy, non-confrontational people are a great bet. Pick them. They’ll help your road trip be fun.

Be Smart About Your Vehicle

Nobody wants to be in the middle-of-nowhere Kansas or Nevada when their piece of junk car decides to crap out and leaves them stranded in the desert or in a corn field somewhere. That’s how people die, and that takes all of the fun out of it.

When you road trip, be smart about the vehicle you take. Is it roomy? Is it efficient? What’s most important to you in that regard? Most of all, make sure it’s reliable and make sure you’ve done the proper maintenance on it to ensure it will take you where you need to go.

Plan Your Route Through Landmarks and National Parks

Sometimes driving is boring, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re going someplace, plan your trip through major landmarks you’ve always wanted to see. In addition to this, drive through the national parks and forests, even if it adds time onto your trip. You’re roadtripping to see things, not to zone out on the freeway for hours and hours at a time.

Make it interesting, listen to music you’ve never listened to before, have conversations, make smart choices in regards to your friends, your vehicle, and your destination route, and watch as roadtrips unfold to be your favorite thing in the entire universe. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just blue skies and open range from here on out. Make the most of it.

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